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Stealing Time

For abraxan. For watching Spider-Man 2 for a fifth time with me, and for being such a spectacular movie companion. And because I've been accused of depriving you of fic that never should see the light of day.

For moonythestrals, for YOU. And for the fic. *evil grin*

And as always, for nescienx.

All who go below forwarned: Harry/Peter. Slash.
Rain challenge entry. *howls with laughter* As entries go, this one's a joke.
Random Thought of Day: So many of my SPM2 slash ideas do not work because they entail Harry accepting the whole Peter is Spider-Man idea.

Named because that's the one word I never used in this fic:

Title: The Ones You Love
If-This-Was-General-Fic Rating: R
Slash Fic Rating: Good waste of time, only, not.

In the rain with Mary Jane.

That’s how he chooses to remember his first kiss.

Peter’s said these words so many times to himself that it should have made this true by now.

In the rain with Mary Jane.

Not between Questions Four and Five on Harry Osborn’s Physics assignment on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s easy, after so long, to forget the way Harry, Harry, had looked so unexpectedly shy, and the way he had asked, sounding the way Peter had never thought he was capable of sounding – tentative, uncertain, Are you sure? Is this what you want?

In the rain with Mary Jane.

Harry Osborn. Of all people. Harry, who walked around Midtown High School as if he owned the place. (Granted, knowing Norman Osborn, that this particular eventuality wasn’t especially difficult) Whose allowance for the week was probably more than what Uncle Ben used to make in a month.

Uncle Ben. Another name that hurt.

And Peter realized he shouldn’t have been surprised, because there were so many questions Harry Osborn didn’t know the answers to, even when this answer looked at him every day, afraid of letting his heart look out of his eyes.

In the rain with Mary Jane.

It was simply that he’d never expected Harry to kiss like that. If he ever thought about it – and he’s very quick to remind himself that he never thinks, well, not often – about what it would be like for Harry to kiss him - he never expected Harry to kiss like that at all.

Not like it was –

In the rain with Mary Jane.

What happened with Harry, Peter thinks, happened before Peter Parker, designated Midtown High School dork, used to Flash and all those too afraid to stop him, with more than a passing acquaintance with dented locker doors and being unable to avoid being the cause of them – well, besides the fist on the other end of such everyday accidents, before a chance encounter with a very special arachnid, learnt how to say no.

After all, an Osborn’s used to getting what he wants.

So who was Peter to say no?

In the rain with Mary Jane.

And he doesn’t think about how it was never that easy. About how never saying no doesn’t mean saying yes.

But there are an awful lot of things he’s done that don’t sound like no, and sound too much like yes.

In the rain with Mary Jane.

Harry was bored. Harry was frustrated with Physics. Harry had been driven to it by the relentless, crushing tedium of Chemistry and Mathematics, in double lessons on the same day. Harry needed a diversion. Harry would never in his right mind have done anything like what he’d done between Questions Four and –

They’d never actually gotten to Question Five.

And it was nothing like what it was –

In the rain with Mary Jane.

And Peter doesn’t think about all the rain can’t wash away.

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