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all the words in the world and I can't find the ones that mean what you mean to me.

kannazuki: *ADORES*

I - I - amnogoodatwordsbut thisbookIreadsaiditbest,evenifitsoundskindof...butyoudo,you do, you do.

I don't suppose this being true makes read any better? I don't have the words for something as big as this. All I know is that when I try to say it, all the words I've read from the stories I love come to me, and they tell me things like that. because you make my heart smile. it's like that. You taught me how to love, it's that simple. And I've struggled with saying this for so long, because no matter how I say it it doesn't seem to come out right, but you helped me through one of the worst times in my life, when I couldn't even cry and it took a friend to tell me, yes, you can cry, it helps, it is no shame to cry. And when I did it was. curl up in bed towards the wall and cry until it hurts tears, and still the real hurt doesn't stop hurting. And you were there for that. I'm - all this looks so ridiculous now, but it was real enough to me then, and you - you were there. You were there. And that meant so much to me. You taught me one of the most important lessons I'll ever learn in life, and it's that, when people hurt you, sometimes the best thing that comes out of that is that you realize that other people love you too. You were there for me and I shall not forget it.

*hugs you tight*

I owe you a picspam.

And I'm so glad you came back. *hugs you tight*

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