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Happy Teachers' Day, to all the teachers on my Friends List, and I know there're at least five of you. *smiles* It wasn't until I was sixteen that I met the teachers who I know changed my life. I know it can seem like you aren't making a difference, but as a student to some of the most fabulous teachers I know, might I tell you that you are, even if you can't see it? That for me, my teachers made me want to come to school. For the first time in my life I looked forward to every single day I had their lessons. And I wholeheartedly blame them for making me fall in love with History and Literature, and making me realize just how much difference there is between doing what you love and learning to love what you do.

I apologise for the fact that the images that follow will make most sense to anyasy, risax, clinquant, c_dreamcatcher, aingeal_isilme and la_muerta. But everyone is is welcome to take a look at what my junior college teachers are capable of. *evil grin* Many thanks to risax for contributing to the pictures, and to aingeal_isilme and la_muerta for being subjected to the videos. XD All interested can ask for downloads from risax and I, for we have

1. Mr. Cook as John Lennon in a pool of hippies, singing "Imagine".

With a wig.

Like so:

2. Mr. Teo (yes, anyasy) as the Biggest Fanboy In Leather I have ever seen. Unfortunately I was unable to get a video of him falling to his knees and worshipping a teacher who rode onstage with a motorcycle, but I do have a fantastic video of him in a leather jacket, doing a great air guitar act.

Mr. Teo does fabulous "SQUEE!!".

3. Said Rock and Roll God of a motorcycle-riding teacher's "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" rendition.

4. Mr. Cook manhandling a protestor. Most efficient manhandling I have ever captured on film. risax got a fantastic shot:

I only got it in live-action.

5. Rock and Roll God riding motorcycle offstage. I love my teachers.

6. VJC Teachers Doing the Full Monty. To "Hot Stuff". Suffice to say at Mr. Ixer's performance will be restricted to video download only. Also watched my Math tutor, who is very much like a slightly-more-outspoken version of the Peter Parker Tobey Maguire portrays, only he likes LOTR (<3 MUCH), unknot his tie, whirl it over his head and send it flying into the audience. Then do the same with his shirt.

Now, if you please, imagine this for a row of say ten teachers.

Suffice to say that I am completely incapable of recognising a pelvic thrust until I've seen it several times. Perhaps it's just that I'd never thought my teachers capable of it.

And if you ever wanted to see Peter Parker str -

Suffice to say that the video recieved a Professor Rating of:

7. Some serious Saturday Night Fever action.

Observe Mr. Cook with a sieve upon his head.

The three men who changed my life with History, Literature, and Economics.

And a whole lot of snark, from the last one there.

risax tells me this was a Marlene Dietrich impersonation.

I admit I took this picture simply because I wanted to see THAT PE teacher in a shirt like THAT:

Mr. Harris as Elvis.

Mr Lofthouse as Elvis:

Cook with a Truncheon!

Starring Guess Who as the Coconut Tree.

I just wanted a photograph of a PE teacher in PINK.

Never thought of our SM as one who'd sing "I Will Survive".

Dear God, a sane photograph?

Also Mr. Harris as Elvis.

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