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Updating from the Melbourne airport. Gotta love airports with internet. Had an insane amount of fun, thanks to amber_fire, anyasy and lazydreamweaver. anyasy bought me Koko Black chocolate. *cries and clings to her in gratitude* (TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU!) Learnt, via lazydreamweaver, of Interesting Uses For Celery. *HUGS* I shall never look at it the same way again. anyasy pointed out a Batman DVD with a flaming pink sticker on it that yelled, "I'm cheap! Buy me now!" in capital letters. I think I frightened the other customers by laughing too hard. lazydreamweaver had the idea of making a story out of the DVD titles we found in the bargain bins. "Mr. Wong in Chinatown", "The Mystery of Mr. Wong", and other similar choke-inducing titles. amber_fire bought me sushi, and took me to her apartment, which is BEAUTIFUL. Also she is perhaps a thousand times as focused and motivated with work than I am, and I want to be like her.

I'd like to say I was barred from reading the map when we drove down to Yarra Valley, because I'd discovered the highway that leads to Sydney. Unfortunately I believe this was done because I can't read maps.

Talked to arrch and nescienx. Sibling, listening to my side of the conversation with nescienx, said, "I don't understand your love/hate relationship with your friends."
Me: *dies*
Sibling: *ignores* "Whenever you talk to them - You cry. You sob. You claw your eyes out. You DOT. And still you call them."
Because when I call nescienx, she reads me fic, she reads me book summaries, her WinAmp plays Vindicated, I hear her voice, and when I started out talking in my aunt's kitchen freezing cold in three layers of clothes, when I finally had to go I was warm. And I laugh so hard they can hear me in the living room.

Also I have the Fight Club DVD for kannazuki, which is the uncensored kind they refuse to sell back where I come from. Also, abraxan, I got my hands on "City By The Sea". And the 4-set DVD collection of Spider-Man 1. (With outtakes. And screen tests. And why is there so much Norman/Peter and Willem/Tobey? Tobey says he simply cannot see Willem the person inside the Norman character, because they're so different. And then you see the outtakes and there's Norman laughing, Norman smiling, Norman dancing in the Green Goblin suit, and then you're - I SEE WHY. Got my hands on "Proof" - with a very young-looking Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving. And "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". On anyasy's advice, I should watch it with risax. *evil grin*

Have flight in half-an-hour. GOTTA GO! But many, many thanks to everyone in Australia who made my stay here such an incredible one. And need I mention: In ONE afternoon?

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