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Much Rejoicing

anyasy updated Part 2!


Very happy. *disturbing smile*

Had fourth driving lesson today. Got my Provisional Driving License! To own shock, instructor said I was ready for the road. And off I went.

I vote those darn birds as more unnerving than the Weaving Motorcyclists, Sudden Overtakers and Vans Who Go Against the Traffic Lights. Yes, those birds - mynahs, ravens - who wander out in the middle of the road when I'm driving. My mood then can best be described as: !!!

Instructor noticed and reassured me that said birds are very smart. And will fly away when the car approaches.

(Somehow that makes me sound six.)

Then went out for lunch with Mom, bro, grandparents, and Legolas Fancier. Crystal Jade in Taka! LF and I went for the fried ice cream as dessert. Bro deplored our teamwork in chasing the ice cream all around its plate.

I think it was chempedak ice cream.

Then off to Dhoby Gaut to meet KT, NG and HY! My first ride on the NorthEast line, to HarborFront! Then to a Sentosa bus, and off to Sentosa!

Spent a great deal of time in Siloso beach. Attempted to skip stones and went shell-hunting with HY and NG. HY finds the most amazing shells - a perfect set of the tiniest translucent pink shells, like butterfly wings (they were still attached at the hinge). And whelks. HY can find whelks in Sentosa. *whistles* KT immersed self and I soon followed. Ended up swimming in clothes. Startling how the water near the lagoon floor can be so cold simply because it's out of the sun.

Then KT and I went off to bike, while HY and NG went round and round (and round) Sentosa on the monorail. After said bike ride, KT and I went on the Beach Train. Ride to nowhere, essentially ^_^ Both of us were immensely pleased by the fact that we managed to get the last compartment on the train. Gives you an unhindered view of the road behind (sort of. There are the guard rails). And then we changed compartments when the train was moving. By walking on the step that runs along the side of the vehicle. Bad. Do not care. ^_^ Fun.

(Those last three sentences(Ha) sound so much like Crazy Monkey. It's a MTV Program that I think is meant to be a Jackass parody. Sample "stunts":

1. Running with scissors outside the house.

2. "Jumping on my bed when my stepdad's downstairs".

3. Prank Phone Call. Wait. Which goes along the lines of:

Prank Caller: "Can I have two teaspoons of pork, please?"

Prank Callee: "Two teaspoons of pork? I'm sorry, you have the wrong number."

Prank Caller: "Oh, I see. Thank you."

*Prank Caller puts down the telephone*

Yes. How incredibly dire. )

Met up with our monorail enthusiasts at Palawan Beach. Which makes me think of Padawan. Which makes me think Star Wars.

Totally Boring You-Didn't-Need-to-Know-This, But I Found It Really Amusing Warning

Bought a Lemon Cheesecake slice at the 7-11. It was really good! Had the graham cracker base and all ^_^ Cheesecake also came in Tiramisu, Mango, Passionfruit, Vanilla and Chocolate flavours. I remember. I had a tough time deciding. ^_^

Then we went around the island. It's lovely by night! Especially the Fountain Gardens, when they're all lit up! Saw the laser-eyed Merlion. (It's eyes emit laser beams.) It sounds tacky when I describe it like this, but to see it from a monorail in the dark, and when you're looking right up at him - that's *hides* pretty impressive, really.

And then it was the bus-MRT journey back to civilisation. It was 8pm when we left Sentosa. *laughter* Had lunch at 9pm, in Plaza Singapura. Yoshinuya. ^_^ And now I've learnt to ask for more salad cream. ^_^

And then I come home, to discover that anyasy's updated Part 2.

Can you say Perfect Day? *delighted grin*

Without IiG, I would never have thought of those characters in such situations ^_^ But I adore the Zak and Artemis scenes. In both parts. *beams*

Oh, and I still haven't finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

*smiles at anyasy*

I was... otherwise occupied.

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