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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Wrote this entry on the 28th of October. Did not get around to posting it because it was incoherent. But giaan asked me to, so I will. Housemates, the things I do for you. But you know I love you anyway.

Also for xtremesaints, who said, "You're not making icons! You're not posting pictures! You're not updating LJ!

You Know You're Living In London When: You have to call your housemates to pick you up from the Accident and Emergency Department because you can't walk home unassisted.

It seems like every Fall Term I do something ridiculous to myself and giaan and Sam are there to help. Last year it was getting a knife between my room door and my leg, and ending up with said knife in leg. This year it's the Accident and Emergency Department, and having to wear an eyepatch for four days. And people coming up to me in lectures asking me if I'd been in a fight. I. ER. Can't wait for next year.

When I wrote this entry, I was in a computer cluster room and the guys next to me were discussing mathematics. ("The wavelength, in nanometres-" "No, you should convert it to metres!") And I just came from a law lecture where a room of 60 students and one lecturer spent five minutes attempting to deduct 50 from 412. MY HEAD HURTS.

Slept at 7am this morning (28th October). I WAS DOING MY PROPERTY TUTORIAL AND MY CONTRACT READINGS. OMG NO LIFE. I remember when I used to sleep at that time BECAUSE I WAS ONLINE.

Peter Parker is the only reason I can bring myself to look at my Property textbooks.

Showed giaan the Spider-man comic I sent off to nescienx. SHE. OMG. Does a SPECTACULAR, "Oh, Parker. Parker, Parker, Parker." I mean EVERY WORD HAS A DIFFERENT INTONATION JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT, WITH THE RIGHT DEGREE OF KNOWING AND AND IT IS SO NORMAN OSBORN IT IS SO GOOD. *dies* Must not fangirl housemates.

XD Other Housemate SAM <3. We were watching an 02 advertisement. It advertises names. Out of perhaps the 15 names that appeared in groups of threes, she saw the trio that went Virgil ¬ Parker ¬ Brains. And she smirked at the screen, because I was sitting next to her, and said, "Parker."

TODAY WE DID A LAW CASE. Crown versus Parker. ABOUT A GUY AND HIS PHONE BOOTH WHICH HE Hector smashed in a fit of rage when IT DIDN'T WORK. I was *dies of fandom* in a criminal law lecture.

I MUST SPAM Keira Knightley pictures. And Kirsten Dunst pictures. I watched Resident Evil 2 and MILLA JOVOVICH WAS FABULOUS. I watched 28 Days Later and Collateral, and never have I enjoyed seeing people die so much. AM TWISTED IN A BAD WAY.

Harry Muse is like trulymadlydeeply devoted to Sena in the leaving-roses-at-Sena's-door EVERY DAY way.

And the Peter Muse. Um. He. I can't believe it. Will do anything nescienx asks. Wants. Him. To. Do. (Not what *I* want him to do! He doesn't cooperate with ME!) Peter, stop channelling me. It's scary.

A. Saw my LJ layout picture, and said, of James Franco's pictures: "This should say:

I love Tobey Maguire
He's my adrenalin
Only he can make it rain
Only when I lose control."

DIES. And he doesn't even know what RPS is.

And THE HOUSEMATES DISCOVERED MY FAKE COLLECTION. THANKS TO A. He was, "There's a very interesting guy-on-guy NC-17 scene in that last book..." And went on to describe it in detail. OMGOMG. Housemate 1 went enthusiastically to look for said scene, which A said was artistic. Housemate 2 went off to read FAKE 1, despite me yelling at the both of them, on fire with panic, "IT'S GAY!"

Housemate 2, on reaching the Dee/Ryo kiss, said, with this absolutely beautiful amalgamation of curiosity, delight and disgust, "Ew! These men are kissing!" and continued reading.

I expected them to be utterly disgusted. I never thought they'd be curious.

And we all agree that the Spider-man 2 Harry/Peter bitchslap is distinctly questionable, on the grounds of, "Men punch. They don't slap." (Credit giaan for that observation. *grin*) (Then again, both my brothers, at the dinner table, have repeatedly insisted to me that Harry's hardly straight, due to abovementioned reason.

GB was over and he was ... the THINGS he said about my POSTERS... I hit him repeatedly pillowfight-style with Nemo and IT FELT GOOD.

risax stayed over for the first days in which she was here and when I woke up to find her missing one day (she'd left for school)- I - to my deep shock, I moped.

moonythestrals, tinted_glass, kannazuki, mildlyinsane, arrch and kanekoichi: I GOT YOUR MAIL. I AM COMPLETELY GOING TO RETURN IT. FIRST I must find something which can adequately express even HALF the joy I got from seeing your letters.

Justin: Absolutely gorgeous photography. AND OH MY GOD I HAVE TO SEND YOU A PACKAGE.


tinted_glass You draw AN INCREDIBLE KAKASHI. Am going to send you manga.

moonythestrals: *HUGE GRIN* I COULD READ YOUR LETTER in my Property Lecture right in front of my lecturer and still look incredibly incredibly serious.

kannazuki: SENA I AM SENDING YOU ANOTHER PARCEL. EHEHEHEHEHEH. <3 Forgive me someday? *grin* (Also, my housemate likes your name.)

MET EWAN MCGREGOR. His smile. He asked, of every third person in the queue to sign his book, "Hi. How're you?" AND THEN HE SMILED. Lucky third was me. I just looked at him smiling and the only word that came to my mind was GOD. (I smiled. And I said, "Fine." BUT INSIDE I WAS A TOTAL FANGIRL.)

I die of shame. Yesterday night. I stayed up till 7 am in the morning making a Peter/MJ songvid. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

Shockingly enough, both the housemates like it.

It's here on yousendit if anyone wants it. XD

giaan calls me a hopeless romantic for the reason I love the song, which is entirely due to nescienx.

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