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Give me a Five!

*deeply worried* *weeps* *apologises to Rael for the fact that my utterly evil layout is giving her bad dreams.


That's an amazing coincidence! Recently, I've had a series of very bad ideas to write a LOTR-universe AU in a high school setting! It's called Ratal High. I've written a 2000+ word beginning.

lacewood... This *points at abomination of plot above* Is what has summoned the Brick of Plotting Abilities to gather its compatriots and launch the Rain of Pain upon my head.

*flees the combined attack of the Bricks of Plotting Abilities...*

In fact, it's the Brick Wall of Plotting Abilities.

Last day at work today!

And the Five? :)

Supervisors/Colleagues gave me presents - *stunned*:

1. A Teddy Bear
2. A Bible
3. A birdcage (My fault, when I was out for lunch with a supervisor, I mentioned that it was cute, and without my knowledge, she bought it *happy smile*)
4. A bookmark
5. Bananas. (The gift! Not me! I know I'm nuts sometimes, but... It's an office thing. Every month, they give us a fruit. Or several. When SARS broke out, they gave us apples. Several weeks later, they gave us oranges. And this time, it was bananas.)

I do not know what alliterative entity is watching over the gifts I've given, but it's got an interesting sense of humor. :)

Due to delight at bear and birdcage, I put said bear in said birdcage and wandered over to bear-giver's cubicle, with birdcage-giver in tow, to exhibit the Bear-In-Birdcage. Bear-giver was mildly horrified. "Imprisoned!" she said.

Looked through the Bible (Have no idea why I was given the Bible, as I do not have the slightest affiliation to Christianity or Catholicism (save the fact that I spent ten years of my life in one convent school or the other). I was given a New Testament version.

I loved Revelations best as a child, when I read the Bible in Primary school. (It was a sunny afternoon. And... yes, I read the Bible.) The other chapters/sections just didn't appeal to me. I put it down to the overall mood they gave me. Which was:


But flipping through Revelations again, I realised why it was my favourite. It is the closest the Bible comes to fantasy. It has amazing imagery and symbolism, and the most dramatic turns of phrase. The seals, the lanterns, the prophecy, the horsemen and armies - it's ancient fantasy.

Stayed til 6.45pm today at work (which ordinarily ends at 5.30 :) ).

Dad bought a new gadget. Do not know how he manages to figure it out.

Would also like to know why both my parents like Ronan Keating's music, but perhaps there are some things we were never meant to know.

Just as there are some things we are better off not knowing.

Mom told me the entire saga of how I ended up being not able to use my own bathroom for what bathrooms are meant to be for. Suffice to say that I have not been able to use the shower in my bathroom since 2002's Chinese New Year. But as they say, it is not the tale, but she who tells it. Somehow I ended up laughing hysterically. ;)

Also listened to a great many Air Supply Songs.

*complete evil*

I want to write a Musical entry now. Wait. I want to write a Ratal High entry.

*everyone flees*

nescienx made a What Kind of N-S Relationship Do You Have? quiz.

Yep! She made this! :)

Had a great deal of fun doing it ;) Was even more amused by my result, which tells me

So pure~
Love has never been more interesting! It is so pure that the gazes you exchange with him sizzles. There exists a prevenient connection, based on movie-verse dynamics, between the two of you that cannot be easily defined in human words and terms.

Which Neo-Smith Relationship Have You?

Take the quiz @ here.

I like it. In fact, <3. Also because I am deeply amused to see <3 anywhere near lines that mention "Mr. Anderson". :)

Aingeal did a lovely CG: The Matrix: Ratal-Loaded.

I hereby declare that Serry is to pretty to be the Keymaker.

Also: Fear the Spoon of Doom! :)

I love the glow! :)

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