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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Image Avalanche.

Here's an absolutely unprecedented and uncalled-for avalanche of images.

EHEHEHEHEHEH. There's a lovely Malaysian restaurant on this street. I wonder why I remember it so well.

From the Lake Districts:

I don't know why this sign made me laugh helplessly:

I could not resist that sign.

Here's my room, for amber_fire (because I promised you pictures):

I like doing before-and-after pictures. This was my room before I hit it:

And then there was:

giaan, xtremesaints, and That Other One Who's Always Talking About Spider-man, Orlando Bloom, and Many Strange Things:

(As to whether I should have used "I" or "me", I go for the former, on the grounds of this post on grammar, concluding that we were the subjects of that particular sentence)


Ducks in Kensington Gardens. I love the way they change direction simultaneously. It's like watching avian sheep.

That's my handwriting. And the chaos that is my desk in the throes of a Property Tutorial.

And I do actually own the Osborn Law Dictionary. It's course-compelled ownership.

Met up with clara_swift! *huge grin* And:

*grin* As clara_swift was so cautioned.

clara_swift is far, far better at chopsticks than I am. *runs away to Inner Mongolia in shame* And yes, she was not the one who was brought up in Asia. *dies*

This was dinner:

Had an absolutely fabulous time talking to her. She calls it "indulging in fannish chatter". *grin* I love the way she creates such involving stories, writes them with spectacular speed, and then moves on to the next epic. I love the way her AUs reinforce canon, and her fandom love. *grin*

We shared an umbrella in Trafalgar Square, as she says - putting it far better than I would have been able to. *smiles* It was lovely. *happiness*

I went up to Oxford for the first weekend of reading week (our half-term break) to stay with a friend, G.

(I can't believe people live there. That's All Souls' College, for postgraduate students)

I had formal dinner in my friend's hall. I was absolutely floored. They say grace in Latin, twice. And they have waiting staff to serve the students. A formal high table for the Chaplain. And three-course dinners.

That's the high table. And yes, they get better food than the students do. XD

And like any Harry Potter fan: Off to Christchurch College.

I saw this, and I was, "Oh my God, that's where Harry and Draco were standing the night they were in Hogwarts for the first time!"

And of course, the Great Hall. Which, like the Coliseum in Gladiator, looks far bigger in the movie than it does in reality.

I was highly amused by that one.

Down in the Yarra Valley:

A Chinese restaurant in Melbourne. I've never seen so many unusual items up on a menu like this:

With amber_fire:

I swear, this isn't about Spider-man, at all. Also it was my brother's idea.

With anyasy and lazydreamweaver.

This has got to be one of my favourite pictures of anyasy:

They took me to Koko Black, which is this absolutely mindblowing chocolate cafe.

Also anyasy bought me a box of chocolate, which reduced me to a wibbling I-do-not-know-what of gratitude. anyasy, I'm still looking for something to get you. Help? *whimpers*

And they brought me to this fantastic spectacles shop, which had a veritable treasure trove of metal art:

My first fandom, too!

(anyasy, I think you wanted this photograph for your brother?)

Scale model. XDDDD

Here's the Mid-Autumn Festival from back home:

And thus my fandoms are writ in lanterns carried into the night by the children of my homeland:

I wish I could say this was my favourite seat in the house, but it isn't. It's very pretty, though:

risax was with me when I took that particular picture. We were in my house watching an awful lot of DVDs, including "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". Which I bought on anyasy's advice, 'cause when anyasy says a film is good, I believe her. *grin* Her taste is far less questionable than mine.

Non-Legolas Fancier cousin (who's six this year) was responsible for THAT. This was our... 20th round of noughts and crosses/tic-tac-toe, and I was running out of symbols. So I used words. And shrieked with laughter when she used THAT symbol, of ALL symbols she could possibly have used.

And because I give the term "obsessive" a bad name:

Mother walked in on me photographing the television.

Her: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Um... Photographing the television."
Her: "Why?"
Me: "Um... Because this is a music video about Spider-man."

I was in the Tube Station at 6.15am to catch a 6.45am train. I have never seen a train station so utterly empty.

Where I stayed:

The Lake Districts in the fall:

This was near Wordsworth's grave:

The first robin to eat from my hand:

I was unspeakably thrilled.

Those sheep look so puzzled.


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