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trust me
I May Never Be A Somebody, But I'm Nobody Without You, Baby. 
17th-Nov-2004 04:50 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Songvid: Harry/Peter, set to Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved".
3.37 minutes, 11.2 MB.

download: She Will Be Loved

The link lets you download the file - Apologies, as it's on yousendit, which deletes files in a week, so if anyone sees this after the week's up and would like it re-uploaded, let me know.

(My housemate doesn't think it's slashy enough. Apologies for that, too...) >

Many thanks to kannazuki for the song! XD

And to giaan, who, as if it wasn't enough living with me, has had to discuss Maroon 5 lyrics over dinner, where the both of us are giving our conflicting interpretations of the statute song, explaining why my sympathies are with the guy, whereas hers are with the girl; giaan, who's had to watch this particular video and explain to me what fits, what's wrong, whose laughter keeps me sane, and who now also is into "She Will Be Loved". *evil grin* (She doesn't think it's slashy enough. Heh.)

Also, <3 housemates, because I know of no other house in which at half-past midnight we're all in my room discussing the ending of Spider-man 2, and we have an absolutely fabulous debate on whether Harry now knows Spider-man's identity.

giaan and I: "HARRY KNOWS!"
Sam: "He does not!"
giaan and I: "YES HE DOES!"
Sam: "How does he know?"
giaan: "You watched the second movie! He ripped his mask off!"
Sam: *SHOCK* "That's how he knows?"
giaan and I: "YES! What movie were you watching?"

Am talking to ranchelle:

ranchelle: "I don't like spiders. They die when they drop from high places ."
Me: "Spiders die when they fall from high places?"
ranchelle: "They're not as hardy as insects. they just die. but not if they land on their feet"
Me: "Spiders land on their feet?"

aj2k has Spider-man songvids on his site, and up here. I just guess I wanted to see Harry slap Peter again.

For nescienx, because: I don't mind standing every day, out on your corner in the pouring rain.
17th-Nov-2004 03:06 pm (UTC)
Dude, it's not slashy enough though! Hehe. And there were too many cut-scenes! You know, but that's okay, because I'm a super-perfectionist who has to time everything to the second, and what kind of freak is that? *grins* The vid was a nice break from my stressful week. :)
17th-Nov-2004 05:21 pm (UTC)
HEH. Exactly what my housemates told me. *evil grin* One told me, "The gay, it is not enough." *falls off bed laughing, 'cause the cable's only long enough to reach my bed, so that's where I am whenever I'm online at home*

*grin* I aim to do better! Thank you for watching it! XD But I'm all : ( about your stressful week! *hugs you* I shall make you more videos. *is evil*

And there were too many cut-scenes!
I'll remember that for the next one XD Let me know if I do it again! ; ) Heh. It's the first vid I've ever made. There's like 23 GB of the first Spider-man movie in my computer now. I don't yet have my hands on the second one, unfortunately. Heh - I was working with trailers, which may explain the exceedingly short scenes. *laughter* *hides* I know, it's no excuse! *wild amusement*

XD I thought you'd say the song wasn't appropriate. *hides* "She Will Be Loved" and all that.

*hugs* Thank you! *grin*

I'm a super-perfectionist who has to time everything to the second, and what kind of freak is that

I should be like that, too. *smiles and hugs you*

And if you're a freak, you're my kind of freak. *smiles*
17th-Nov-2004 03:06 pm (UTC)
*flabbergasted* ASDJKLASDJSKDFL; Wow. I would have never looked at She Will Be Loved from that angle.

Just...wow. >:0000000000
17th-Nov-2004 05:32 pm (UTC)
*wild grin* Thank you! *beams* I never looked at She Will Be Loved that way, either! I never actually quite liked the song, either - until nescienx, that is.

Love your reaction. *grin*

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODYOURICON. *dies all over the screen* *is pistol-whipped by your icon, dragged off to the Siberian rainforests, and tied down by leather-clad ex-KGB agents and locked in a missile silo* Oh my God. *melts* It's the first OTP I ever supported, and it still has an unbelievable pull over me.

(And oh God, literati's icons are fabulous! Thank you for finding them!)
(Deleted comment)
17th-Nov-2004 06:08 pm (UTC)

I was, "Oh my God where are you?! *cries*"


*is all over keyboard because you're HERE*

*still, clinging.* *laughter*
17th-Nov-2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha! You finished it! Hope Nesciex sees it soon then. And from a non-slasher it doesn't look THAT slashy. We need to break out 'Premiere' to you next time ahahah, you'd go crazy with the features there instead.
17th-Nov-2004 07:00 pm (UTC)
YEAH. *grin* I originally intended to make a Harry/Peter video with it, and when I made the first part of it I was all *bangs head against wall* because it's such a perfect Peter/MJ song. Heh, one of my housemates sees it either as Peter/MJ, or Harry/MJ. The other one was lovely. "Why is there so much Harry in there?" she asked. *evil grin* (She's the one who told me it wasn't gay enough.)

And from a non-slasher it doesn't look THAT slashy.

XDDDDDDD YAY - I have on my hands a video that fits all pairings! *happiness* Am quite glad.

I'll do better next time. *grin* *plots increasingly slashy videos* Wah. The really scary thing is that both Tobey Maguire and James' Franco's filmography include movies that anyone can make a slash vid out of. As in, explicit slash. *dies* The videos you'd need would be:

1. Whatever It Takes (James Franco tied to the bed. ohgod.)

2. Both the Spider-man movies. (I have no idea why Tobey keeps on taking off his shirt. It serves no plot point whatsoever.)

3. City By The Sea (Really, really, really spectacularly wrong scene of James Franco getting high. abraxan had to watch it with me because I kept keeling over at the screenshots.)

4. Pleasantville, actually. It has Tobey in the rain, too. Happy! Tobey in the rain. I wonder if there's another good song about rain anywhere. It would be evil to use a song like "Rhythm of the Rain".

All of which I have. *dies*

"Premiere" being a movie-making program? *grin* I'm working with - cry - Windows Movie Maker. *laughter* The most basic program ever, or so I believe. ; )
17th-Nov-2004 07:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, spiders are fragile. That's why they need their webs, so they don't get injured by the struggling insects. But I kinda like them, they're like mini-cats.

Spiders are fragile. Is Spiderman fragile too? Awww.

Like your song vid, but I don't just see slash, I see a love triangle! That involves Harry pining hopelessly for Peter! I don't remember the scene where Harry stands in the rain though... hm.

In other news, AR is donating a book for charity. When he doesn't sign properly, it looks like he signed off as "Alan Pinkman" XD
17th-Nov-2004 07:30 pm (UTC)
When he doesn't sign properly, it looks like he signed off as "Alan Pinkman" XD

Spiderman being fragile...awwwwwww... *slash/fluff alert*

Cats with 8 legs are earrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Period. *can't stand too many legs on one animal*
17th-Nov-2004 07:25 pm (UTC)
Ack, you posted my nonsense on spiders up XD Well, if spiders fall from high place and not land on their feet, don't you think they'll die...? Since they're soft and so easily squished >_<

And I didn't get to watch Pleasantville.

Watched the video but there's too much MJ in there! XDD
17th-Nov-2004 07:50 pm (UTC)
Ack, you posted my nonsense on spiders up XD

Wh - but I thought I told you I was posting it? XD It was TOO FUN not to post, and I need people who make me laugh at my own fandom because I'm already too insane. XD

Well, if spiders fall from high place and not land on their feet, don't you think they'll die...?


Since they're soft and so easily squished >_<


I'd never thought about it, actually. I always thought spiders were hardy creatures - probably because ants and cockroaches are. I keep thinking that to survive so long and in such numbers, spiders must be somehow resilient.

I actually never knew spiders were soft. Then again, I've never touched them... *thinks* Spiders have an exoskeleton, don't they? I presumed that was tough.

I love spiderwebs, though. They're so beautiful. And they're incredibly tough. And they're a No Doubt song! XD I don't quite know why they have distinctions for spiderwebs and cobwebs. Maybe it's a language quirk.

And I didn't get to watch Pleasantville.

I HAVE THE DVD! I'll bring it home and watch it with you? Happy! Tobey in the rain. Now if I could only edit out the girl beside him...

Watched the video but there's too much MJ in there! XDD

OMG, no wonder it's not slashy enough. *dies* *is laughing* I thought I had to put her in there - the song wouldn't fit, otherwise. My video idea was meant to be:

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had a problem with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

Which was why Pete ran off with Harry. XD

I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow I want more

The "I" was meant to be Harry. Housemate thought the "I" was Peter, initially. XD She has counter-heterosexual interpretations for all that slash in there. XDDD *<3s her* She's wonderful.

XD The last scene I had with Harry, Peter and MJ in that science laboratory was meant to be:

Harry: *is with Pete*
Peter: *is with Harry*
MJ: *looks at the Harry/Peter*
*swats Flash away*
Peter: *catches MJ's eye by accident*
*looks guiltily away*
MJ: *looks away too*

I felt I'd been incredibly evil to MJ - *guilt* - But it would appear I've gone and done Harry/Peter not enough justice. XDDD And I knew of no other way to make the ending fit:

I know that goodbye means nothing at all
It just makes me catch her every time she falls

Heh. I meant - Pete and MJ make up. It's the whole "We're not in love anymore, but we're still friends." XD

Oh my God, I talk so much. *dies* Work-avoidance is such a powerful thing.

18th-Nov-2004 12:27 am (UTC)
guess ur having fun. that's nice.
18th-Nov-2004 09:31 am (UTC)
*sobs* *hugs you* I am. But I wish you were with me. *hugs you again*
18th-Nov-2004 09:43 am (UTC)
*dies laughing* I'll make a slashier better one! *grin* I have these really, really bad ideas of wanting to make incredibly odd videos, and I'd put those up if I do them. XD

Actually, it's more het than anything

*hugs you* Thank you! *grin* I'm glad you thought it looked alright! *smiles*

I never did notice the hallway scene with Harry sneaking all those covetous looks at Peter until you replayed it in slo-mo.
I didn't either, until I fell into fandom. XDDDDD And I have other scenes, too! ; ) I can't wait to use them in the next one. XD

AND YEAH, That's drugged-up! James Franco. *grin* City by the Sea and rain. (There's Tobey in the rain, too, and I really want to use that one, too... From Pleasantville!)

*HUGS* I'm so glad your exams are over! And oh my God, I've got to send you what I want to send you! *hugs* Thank you! ; )
22nd-Nov-2004 03:38 am (UTC)
If i were not privy to your H/P love, i wouldn't have seen the video as slashy at all; i'd just be wondering why Harry kept appearing XD

13.3hrs, still not studying~
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