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breaking all your laws, one at a time.

I May Never Be A Somebody, But I'm Nobody Without You, Baby.

Songvid: Harry/Peter, set to Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved".
3.37 minutes, 11.2 MB.

download: She Will Be Loved

The link lets you download the file - Apologies, as it's on yousendit, which deletes files in a week, so if anyone sees this after the week's up and would like it re-uploaded, let me know.

(My housemate doesn't think it's slashy enough. Apologies for that, too...) >

Many thanks to kannazuki for the song! XD

And to giaan, who, as if it wasn't enough living with me, has had to discuss Maroon 5 lyrics over dinner, where the both of us are giving our conflicting interpretations of the statute song, explaining why my sympathies are with the guy, whereas hers are with the girl; giaan, who's had to watch this particular video and explain to me what fits, what's wrong, whose laughter keeps me sane, and who now also is into "She Will Be Loved". *evil grin* (She doesn't think it's slashy enough. Heh.)

Also, <3 housemates, because I know of no other house in which at half-past midnight we're all in my room discussing the ending of Spider-man 2, and we have an absolutely fabulous debate on whether Harry now knows Spider-man's identity.

giaan and I: "HARRY KNOWS!"
Sam: "He does not!"
giaan and I: "YES HE DOES!"
Sam: "How does he know?"
giaan: "You watched the second movie! He ripped his mask off!"
Sam: *SHOCK* "That's how he knows?"
giaan and I: "YES! What movie were you watching?"

Am talking to ranchelle:

ranchelle: "I don't like spiders. They die when they drop from high places ."
Me: "Spiders die when they fall from high places?"
ranchelle: "They're not as hardy as insects. they just die. but not if they land on their feet"
Me: "Spiders land on their feet?"

aj2k has Spider-man songvids on his site, and up here. I just guess I wanted to see Harry slap Peter again.

For nescienx, because: I don't mind standing every day, out on your corner in the pouring rain.

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