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Slash Pairing Survey

For tinted_glass: (AND IT WAS FUN!)

All Slash Pairings Survey
My first slash pairing. Ever. MULDER/KRYCEK. All the way. I was an insane X-Files fan. I still love this pairing.
Current favorite pairing? HARRY/PETER.
The one I loved before my current obsession. Hector/Paris. (I notice the whole H/P dynamic thing going.) I still love this pairing.
Now that I look back on it... what was I thinking? HARRY/DRACO.
Angst and more angst. And you thought YOU had issues. I like angst. *evil grin* So, ALL my pairings.
Because it is (was) teh cute!*thinks hard* Gill/Nemo? Even if I don't see it as cute?
WTF? Is there NO God in heaven? TIGGER/POOH. OH GOD.
This pairing makes little to no sense, but I like it anyway. *thinks hard* Arthas/Illidan? Of WarCraft III?
Pairing I've been drawn back to.None that I can actually remember. Does HP fic count? Even if no one pairing is involved?
I liked it for a day and then said 'ew'.Harry/Draco. Or rather, I liked it for a month.
I'd stalk it. ALL the ships I've ever supported.
Their love is SO there, but oh the DENIAL. THE DENIAL. XD All the ships I've ever supported.
Can you say, one-sided butstillsoright? Grant/Timmy. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. (You know, without tinted_glass, I wouldn't be into it.)
First movie shipAragorn/Legolas. Then Aragorn/Boromir. Then Legolas/Haldir. Now I'm into before-LOTR fic.
first anime/cartoon shipKenshin/Sano. (<3 abraxan.)
first tv shipMULDER/KRYCEK. (<3 deewhydeeax)
So. I real-life ship. Actors, that is. Tobey/James. (It was abraxan and moonythestrals).
Favorite good guy/bad guy pairing. Mulder/Krycek, Neo/Smith, Harry/Peter. XD *cheats*



Ship Unsupported on grounds of Unconscionable Levels of FluffTsuzuki/Hisoka. And Jubei/Kazuki.
WHY is no one writing this pairing?Mitzi/Felicia, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" (This means, Hugo Weaving and Guy Peace.) Illidan/Arthas, Warcraft III. Kain/Raziel, Soul Reaver. And Tybalt/Romeo, "Romeo and Juliet".
The Pairing the Whole World is Into But I Cannot GetHarry/Draco, Seishirou/Subaru, Tsuzuki/Hisoka.
Right Kind of Wrong. MY Kind of Wrong. Hector/Paris. And Kurei/Recca. But only if you think incest is wrong. And Snape/Harry, if you don't do cross-gen.
I should love it. Why don't I?Will/Jack, PotC.
WHY do I love this pairing?!I always feel this way about my pairings before the obsession sets in.
Most Unusual Pairing Ever SupportedGill/Nemo. I guess. Actually: My Geography Teacher/My Computer Teacher, My Property Lecturer/ My Tort Lecturer. (They did do a fantastic debate in the courtroom.)
Ship I Thought I Was Supporting Until I Saw the FilmOtto Octavius/Peter Parker.
Fic KinkBondage.
Relationship Fic KinkEnemy slash, denial, and the whole You Never Knew What You Wanted Until He Gave It to You thing.
Worst fanfic-related Freudian slip ever madeMeaning to say "my friend", and saying, "my Harry". And knowing absolutely no one named Harry. giaan laughed So Hard.


And tinted_glass made me realise that both the pairings I supported this year had such pictorial


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