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Potter, the Philosopher's Stone, and my Pasta. *weeps at the latter*

Tuesday, 24th June 2003

Awoke shamefully late, thanks to Sentosa trip the day before. Finally collected my A-Level result certificate! After some wrangling with the Umbridge-like clerk in the school office. Apparently you need your IC and the card they send you to tell you to get the results. *makes face at the pointless Evil that is Bureaucracy*

Went to the library to get more books. *beams*

Wednesday, 25th June 2003

More driving! Have the sinking feeling that the more I drive - well, put it this way. The more bad habits I lose/ the better at certain skills I become (i.e. learning to change gears without losing it on the steering wheel), the worse I become at other aspects of driving (such as forgetting to take my foot off the accelerator when changing gears). *thwaps*

You need to take your foot off the accelerator before you change gears (you have to do this while depressing the clutch allthewayyy. But when you want to release the clutch, you need to step on the accelerator at the same time, so that the transition won't be jerky.) Wah. Cannot think. Wah. *buries head in hands*

Thursday, 26th June 2003

Went out for lunch with Mom and bro. First in ages I've eaten at Pizza Hut. Then went to Robinsons with Mom. They're having a sale. I spent a long time staring at orange-and-lime patterned chinaware and a hyacinth-print set of crockery. I feel... Domestic. *startled*

Also saw a pestle and a rack for jars. Jars included.

Made seafood cream linguine for dinner. *weeps* It tasted so much of seafood. *hides in garbage disposal* But my family seemed to think it was fine. *continues weeping*

Cleaned squid. So much ink. All over the sink. Even in their eyes.

I have difficulty synchronising pasta-making and sauce-making. I'd attend to one and leave the other. Need practice.

The next thing I make will be mushroom pasta. Or a bacon carbonara-esque pasta. No seafood until next week.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is on now! ^_^

In the Sorting Hat scene, everyone looked so innocent! So young and so immensely sweet. Even Draco Malfoy. First thought on seeing Malfoy? *eyes widen* He looks too good to be Malfoy!

I remember my first look at Daniel Radcliffe as Harry. I thought then, and I still do now: This boy is perfect. I never had an idea in my mind of how Harry should look like, but one look at Radcliffe and I knew - He is it. This is the Boy Who Lived.

Also Hermione is something like four times better-looking than she's described in the book. Where are the buck teeth, for one thing?

Oliver Wood talks like Pippin. It must be the Scottish accent.

Snape. Snape. Snape. *collapses*

I love his voice...

Bro asked me why Hogwarts has Dungeons. Made Freudian slip. Intended to say, "The Dungeons is where they have Potions", but said, "The Dungeons is where they have Professor -"

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