breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

This is a clear indication that the more logical I am forced to be, the deeper I spiral into insanity fandom.

Over the course of two essays - One in Contract, one in Criminal Law, I made this video. Made both sections of the video at 4am in the morning. *laughter*

You knew it was coming. *evil grin*

To download: Hit Me Baby One More Time.

First it's Flash, and then it's Harry's turn!

Naturally, it's Spider-man. *laughter* But when you walk down the street and

is all you see, and then you see TEN of these things in ONE walk down Regent Street, and you end up like me. *dies laughing*

Edit: There've been problems with the video, and I've uploaded it again, here. Hope it works this time? *crosses fingers*

Have discovered that it is very strange, so here's another upload. And, just in case, here's another one.

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