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Spider-man 2 Screencaps (Unfortunately Selective)

Because katherine_15, to my great delight, said to me, "One day, we will have to get drunk together and discuss the intricacies of the bitch slap." *HEARTS*

Gods, I love this scene:

This is the "Harry, what are you - " expression:

I had no idea they got that close:

And because this was when I realized Tobey Maguire could be beautiful:

It's probably really wrong to want to use the adjective "blissful" to describe this picture:

Somehow, I thought Tobey looked an awful lot like Sam Neill in this shot. *is killed by nescienx and tinted_glass:

And this is the "Harry, NO!" expression:

I saw a shot of James Franco studying his script for the Balcony Scene with Alfred Molina and, I am sure he had the same expression:

And I just like this:

I guess everyone can guess which scenes they're of.

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