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happy again!

Harry Muse: “I know it’s a special day for you, aefallen, so –”
Peter Muse: *is delivered bound and unconscious* *reappears*
Me: “OH MY GOD HARRY!” *dies*
Harry: “Treat him well.”
Peter Muse: *does the whole blissfully asleep! thing Tobey did in the knocked-out by Doc Ock scene*
Me: *eyes widen* “So you make him look like this all the time? Without the benefit of, you know, events that lead to him being, uh, felt up by train-car-loads full of customers? I mean, passengers!”
Harry: *smirks* I keep him busy.
Me: *arched brow* “I bet you do.”
*suspicious* “Wait. Have you been taking lessons from majokai”?
. . . “That aside – how can I ever thank you?”
Harry: “Stop writing fanfiction.”
Me: “Okay. But first, there’s this one I have to write. It’s when you and him were living together in that loft in Queens, and it’s Christmas, and the building’s heating system breaks down on Christmas Eve, so. . .”
Harry: “What did I ever do to deserve this?!”

For tinted_glass (look what happens when you keep playing “everything you want”), for the amazing Kakashi Hand/Book fic, and because even when you’ve had a bad week and I’ve had a bad week, when I talk to you, I forget the entire week ever happened.

For whiteravensong and lacewood, for being absolutely amazing and writing me Harry/Peter when neither of you does slash at all. *beams*

Drabble: Harry/Peter.

everything you want

Peter Parker doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to watch his life falling apart around him.

Losing one of his jobs was bad enough, but missing class altogether, Aunt May’s foreclosure notice, MJ “seeing someone”. . .

And now? Peter gazed warily up the stairs. Mr. Ditkovich, probably. A perfect end to a perfect day.

But he hears nothing as he ascends the stairs, careful as always not to tread on the creaky step - I swear, he put it there. Just to catch his tenants out - although he hears music from behind his landlord’s door, and a burst of raucous laughter tells him that Mr. Ditkovich’s friends are there, too, as well. Somehow, tonight, Mr. Ditkovich isn’t waiting for Peter Parker. And while Peter’s had enough happen to him today to question this uncharacteristic stroke of luck, he doesn’t. He bounds up the stairs to his room, opens the door, and –

His spider sense flares.

“Hey, Pete.”


“Harry –“ Out of everyone – everything - he had been expecting, it certainly wasn’t this. “What are you doing here?”

Harry looks as tired as Peter feels, but he summons a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “Your landlord – he’s something else, Pete. He’d let anybody in here as long as they paid your rent.”

A stab of guilt. “Harry, I – ”

Harry isn’t listening. “Anybody. Maybe even Spider-man.”

And that’s when Peter falls silent, because he’s learnt, by now, that nothing can stop Harry when he’s like this.

But Harry shakes his head, and, for a moment, looks more annoyed with himself than he is with Peter. Or Spider-man, for that matter. He glances distractedly in Peter’s direction as he runs a hand through his tousled hair. “Look, Pete, I didn’t mean it. It’s late, I’m tired – and you must be, too.”

“It’s all right, Harry,” Peter says, before the guilt descends and robs him of anything he has to say to his best friend. Oh. And - “I really appreciate the thought, Harry, but I’m paying you back.” If he could, he’d be knocking at Mr. Ditkovich’s door right now, but he’s had enough run-ins with his landlord to know that he’s never getting anything back.

Harry looks as if he’s going to protest, but thinks the better of it. “Goodnight, Pete,” he says, softly, and reaches for the door.

“Night –”

But Peter doesn’t even get to say his best friend’s name before Harry turns around with surprising speed and kisses him so hard that everything - losing his job, running late, JJJ, Mary Jane, Spider-man - everything, goes away. And all of a sudden there’s no dingy apartment that shakes with the rumble of passing trains, no world waiting to be saved, there’s just Harry, because Harry makes it all go away. And Peter finds out that Harry is all he wants to know right now, because whatever else Harry can’t do, Harry has always been able to become the only thing Peter can see.

Before he knows it, his arms are around Harry and he’s kissing Harry back. And while he knows he should be saying no before the only word he can remember is yes, it’s his birthday and if there’s one thing that went right for him today, he’s glad it’s this one.

Harry Muse: "That's one hell of a thank-you, Pete. Saying it would have sufficed."
... "Have you been taking lessons from nescienx?"

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