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Many Meetings

Last I was online was 9pm Friday night, two nights ago. *whistles* In these weeks, I've never spent so much time away from my computer.

Reasons abound, first of which being my brother's return from Australia on Friday night. *happiness* Played the usual game of "Who Sees Him First" at the airport. As usual, Mom won. I've only won once. Mom's won all the other times. *weeps* Guess I'll have to wait for his next return to try my luck again.

Second reason being my Australian aunt's arrival. She's staying over at my place for the time she's here, which means I'm sharing a room with her. She bought me a lovely trivia book which I feel I won't be able to put down for quite a while. Book quotes Nietzsche and Homer Simpson. *amused*


Welcome back, anyasy!

*glomps anyasy*

*throws a celebration*

Oh, and anyasy, I'm still not bribing you.

Also, fluff is good.

*huge evil grin*

Went out for a walk with both my brothers this evening, after dinner. Came back realizing that it is brothers who do the most to add to your I Really, Really Didn't Need to Know That List.

Also came back from walk laughing harder than I'd been in days.

Also, I've found a Dark Elven Dictionary. ^_^ I like their Dark Elven Phrases. With proverbs like "All trust is foolish", "The best knife is the unseen one", "Do as you are ordered, and live", as well as several rather simple, but elegant curses - what's not to like? ^_^

(Cannot decide whether it is anyasy or Ratal that has sparked off this whole... )

(Although I do have doubts about one of the Dark Elven curses so closely resembling a rather common human vulgarity.) [Then again, that robot in Unreal 2 cursed like this, too... *weeps at the end of that robot*]

I shall eagerly await the return of:



*smile smile smile*

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