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ow, Harry, that hurt. do it again. Icon idea thanks to lazydreamweaver. XD

Movie Scripts

LJ Blackout Icons by nimori. "I survived the Great LJ Blackout of '05. I whined a lot, but I survived."

*laughter* I was in the library studying on a Saturday afternoon.

Back in London. First of all, the plane arrived late to the boarding gate. Then the air-conditioners broke down and made a greenhouse of the cabin until we were in the air. Then, upon nearing London, the turbulence got so bad that the pilot announced we would have to land in Germany, at which I burst out laughing, because it was just so ridiculous, that... A Series of Events As Unfortunate could occur on one plane ride. But I had a lovely time. The stars over the Middle East are incredibly beautiful. I was in the aisles when I looked out of the window and saw them, after which I ran from window to window to make sure they were real, and finally I asked the cabin crew if they really were stars, because I'd never seen so many of them shining so bright. And in the row across me were these two angelic little boys, the elder of which really looked, to me, like the result of what would happen if warning: fandom interruption: James Franco and Tobey Maguire had a son, Ididn'tsaythat, hehadglasses,too,andhewas socute, and then when we finally landed they got up and I realised the both of them were wearing Spider-man clothing. WHY do parents insist on dressing up their children in Spider-man clothes? *laughter* I can't walk down the street without thinking about Spider-man! (I know quite a few people will be saying, "You'd be thinking about Spider-man anyway, clothing or no!" - they'd be quite right..

Very disturbed. Fandom not gone.

First thing I did on coming home to London:

*HUGS giaan* *sparkles* “I bought new bedsheets!”
giaan: “You don’t have to. I don’t sleep in your bed.”
Me: “But you do Property tutorials there!”
A (a friend of ours): “Property tutorials, eh?” *arched eyebrow*
giaan: “Just Property tutorials.”
Me: “Just Property tutorials!”
A: “So it’s Just a Property Tutorial. . .” *adopts terrified No It Isn’t What You Think It Is manner, “ ‘It’s nothing! It’s just a Property Tutorial! That’s all!’ ”
giaan and I: “ . . . ”

“If you don’t want me in your bed I can always go back to my room.”
“I always want you!”
Both of us: “ . . . ”
- Me and Housemates

ranchelle: “You're always thinking of Harry/Peter that it's not difficult to guess what you'd be thinking...I bet your roommates will tell you the same thing or something ^_~”

Me: “I’m thinking about a legal question.”
A, “In which states can Peter and Harry legally get married.”

(Housemate) Sam, “Did you make any more gay videos? ^___^ “

After I told her about, "Badger, Badger, Badger... Mushroom". And "Potter, Potter, Potter... Weasley." OMG earenwe. *grin*
(Housemate) giaan, “Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker. . . Osborn.”

Me: “ . . . Spider-man.”
giaan: *feigns sleep*

Me: *shows giaan Peter Rabbit letter-writing paper*
giaan: *bursts into laughter* “The Tale of Peter Rabbit! You wish it was the Tale of Peter Parker!”
Me: “I didn’t say that!”
giaan: “But I know that’s what you want!”

Housemates: *watch the Spider-man video I made*
Housemates: “Not gay enough.”
Sam: “There’s no Mary-Jane!”

And, most famously:
giaan: “Not Harry/Peter again!”

You are currently witnessing the effects of three law essays written in four days. The consequence is clearly insanity. (Complicated points of contract law should never be elucidated by Law Lords named Parker, because I cannot cope. At all.)

But I had fun.

On Our Last Law Essay: You Never Knew Battery Could Sound So Wrong
giaan: “There’s not much to say!”
Me: “I know! Obviously he touched the guy. Obviously he intended to touch the guy. And obviously he touched him without his consent. There’s no point in discussing what obviously happened.”
It was our problem question. But honestly - you can't go very far right with a crime that's defined as "unlawful touching".

The danger to Terry’s life was a good reason for Barry to commit the battery upon Terry with the aim of saving his life. No general defence of necessity exists, but the doctrine of necessity may provide sufficient justification for Barry’s actions so as to relieve him of criminal liability for battery upon Terry.

We had friends over for dinner. Who hadn't watched Spider-man 2. I watch movies so many times because amazing how much you can see of a movie when you watch it with different people. They have so many different things to say:


“Poke him in the eye with her stick!”

“They’re like girls! Slapping! And pulling hair!”

Merry: “Because Harry is a girl fighter.”
Me: “WHAT?!”
Merry: “Harry fights like a girl!”

Merry: “What’s he doing?”
Me: “Closing the door?”
Merry: “But where’s his hand?”
Me: “On the doorknob – “ *looks* *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING*
Picture for your reference:

meomg. “That was totally gratuitous? I did not need to see him take his shirt off? It serves no purpose at all?”

*mops fall over*
J: “You’d never think he was Spider-man at all.”
Merry: “But that’s what I love about him. He’s so human.”

"You can see the pain in his eyes!"

Merry: “He’s going to rip off his clothes and flash his Spider-man (I think she meant to say outfit, but. . .)!”

And I wonder why the Mandarin spoken isn’t translated.

“I hate it when they say chow mein!”
J: “I know what you mean! Like when they say won tons!”

“Spiders can sense danger?”
Merry: “They’re very clever, I’m sure.”

Merry’s favourite scene is my favourite scene.
Her, “It was fun! Watching men slap each other!”

*grin* And if you're reading this, my Sk8ter Girl, I'm completely vindicated, and I'm so happy for you. And next time you go running down the street shouting, "Peter Parker is Spider-man!" - you can bet I'll notice. *laughter* Yours, Rebecca.

and just because:

Everyone must suffer with us: By way of lacewood, behold: Bleach: Kurosagi Ichigo is Britney Spears.

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