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Why Harry/Peter is Canon

Why Harry/Peter is completely comicsverse-canon

vyonnlantys, show your brother this. *evil grin*

*waves at sarahcoldheart*!

And for nescienx, who started it all by sitting me in front of Ultimate Spider-man and

A: "And if you think Peter's troubles are over, Mary-Jane hasn't found out yet!"

Also, this USM panel should've come in right after:

Fill in the blanks XD

(The kid is Harry's son)

I just genuinely like ASM Harry. I also think he's the nicest of all the versions of Harry. And the slashiest, because those were more innocent times back then. XD

(oh my god the dialogue)

Talking to Peter:

So Peter = Neo?

The way I read it: OMG Harry's freaking out, and - WHERE'S PETER?! Who's going to calm him down?!

And comic canon makes anything possible. Anything. It’s canon to have Harry cry, faint, and collapse in Peter’s arms, in that order. It’s canon to have Peter display the most explicit “Take Me Now” behaviour I’ve ever seen.

This is Amazing Spider-man #317. Peter and the Symbiote that becomes Venom display the most disturbing dialogue I have ever seen between comic book characters. (It’s so TAKE ME NOW.) Suffice to say NC-17 fic is more subtle than this:

Peter: *rips off the costume and pretty much stands there wearing practically nothing*
(This is disturbing because Eddie Brock is down to the same level of clothing at the same time)

Peter: “You want me? Then take me! I’m yours!”
(Seriously, the writers bolded that word.)
“I’m not talking to you, Brock!” (Oh God, you better not be.)
“I’m talking to the alien! You wanted to be part of me! Well, now I want you! Come and get me!”

At this point, Eddie thinks, “Costume trembling! As if unsure!”

Peter thinks, “This is spooky! The alien is still in ‘love’ with me!”

Then he thinks, “But it’s already melded with Brock! I thought that by luring it to me away, the trauma of trying to detach might shock its system, give me a chance to escape!”

And then he’s all, “But I didn’t think things would go this far!” (HEHEHEHEHEH.)
[A: "What? Did he think they were just going to stay with drinks?"]
“It’s already reached me, and it’s still moving! Flowing over me! Can’t run, or it’ll know this is a trick! But it’s attaching! I can feel it’s pain! I –”

“The costume! It’s all over me!”


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