breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.


On hellblazerslash: I really liked sidereal's:

1. Awake and Asleep

2. Truth In Action

3. Maybe, Maybe Not

It's Chas/Constantine, linked in chronological order.It doesn't matter if you haven't watched the movie. It is very good. #2 and #3 completely blew my mind. Her John is amazing.
Her Chas owns my heart.

And thanks to lacewood for helping me out with the movie and everything. *grin*

+ Gabriel/John +
Guardian angels and all, you know.
Bonus points if they're androgynous?

+ Balthazar/John +
I think nescienx and kannazuki support this.

And as I said on hellblazerslash: nescienx, got me started on the whole Constantine/Chas affair. *grin*

Stop looking at me like that...

You're not... coming... any... closer...

Close enough?

That was great, wasn't it?

giaan and nescienx, you can stop laughing now.

You know... I haven't even watched this movie yet.

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