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This, as someone more famous than I said, feels ill-advised.

Last thing I cooked - sausages. And I fried them with sugar. It's a trick I learnt from ranchelle. ^_^ I was rather startled when I heard of it, as you probably are, but I tried them and they are good! ^_^ Only I tend to put a little too much sugar for a little too long, and it looks like a sugar-coated sausage lollipop - but I will try! *puts on best earnest smile*

I conclude that ranchelle still does it better.

I believe I'll be going to the UK. Shall now have to refuse NUS. I actually want to turn up for the first two weeks of school, but my mom thinks it's a bad idea. She thinks I'd be better off staying at home, cause those weeks are gonna be a waste of time. Seeing as how most of it is going to be orientation, I kind of think she's right.

But then I think of how horrifically my mind has atrophied since the End of the A-Levels, and I rather think I need the work. My concentration span for Things I Have to Do is absolutely abysmal.

My mom was just saying today that my apartment in the UK is gonna be tiny! (Student hostel, what can I expect? ;) ) So she says that I should get practice in sleeping in small quarters - by sleeping in my bathroom.

Went out with my aunt, mom and brother to Orchard today. Had slipper lobster (really tiny crayfish) in tomato cream sauce linguine. I wish I could cook crayfish that well ;) My mom tells me it's practice, but I have the sinking feeling that my practice will involve an awful lot of wasted food. *hides behind the garbage disposal* A Cool Station's opened in Takashimaya. It's selling Rose Bubble Tea. *laughter* And Blueberry Ice. ;)

I Think the Information Below Is Useless.

As you may have heard, the $1.99 shops have gone bankrupt. The Watsons in Takashimaya is now considerably expanded.

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