breaking all your laws, one at a time. (aefallen) wrote,
breaking all your laws, one at a time.

Happy Birthday! (JC. 'Cause that's where we met. XD)


Because you're the one behind the first Constantine comic I ever read. In 2002. *grin*

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Tell risax and I the list, so we'll know what to get! *grin*

Or, you know. Movieverse John/Chas fluff will follow. *evil* Because, you know, comicverse Chas reminds me of Mr. H. XD

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You were always going to have better taste than I did. *grin* Heh, it took me longer than I should have to get into Gaiman and Pratchett, and I can hear you saying, "The Constantine thing. :P It was Keanu. Him, or nescienx." *laughter* Which is probably true!

Your Legolas-as-a-Ringwraith art and Ringwraith art - UP ON MY WALL AT HOME. SO MUCH LOVE. (Oh no, I've started fangirling. *laughter*)

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And let's not forget certain blond individuals. XD

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Because you make risax throw confetti. XD

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