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I've Put This Off for Far Too Long

Massive update.

Wednesday, 2nd July, 2003

Found Nemo for the first time. Initiated a spiral of addiction that continues til tjis day. Watched it with Australian aunt. ; ) Which made the fish-shoal impression of the Sydney Opera House all the more interesting.

Thursday, 3rd July 2003

Went out with JN and KT for karaoke. *evil grin* Went to Delphi in Orchard, which has one of the best deals and rooms I’ve ever seen. ^_^

Met up with Sway for dinner, at the Dome near Plaza Singapura. Had the beef bowl, clam chowder, and the iced chocolate with gelato. risax introduced me to the last food item on that list. Yet another addiction. ^_^ Which happens to taste far too good to give up.

Dome has a great pesto. I wonder if I can find it again. This somehow started a pesto-pasta making fascination. *hides*

Friday, 4th July 2003

Had strange dream of a Ratalien meeting. And that I was so delighted to see the Professor that I hugged her. And I woke up this morning to meet homura. And when I hugged her, it felt the same as in my dream. Exactly. It was great to see her again ; )

Went to Mos Burger for breakfast ^_^ They now serve apple pie as apple pie nuggets. *looks at said apple pie nuggets* Not bad.

*glomps homura* She gave me toe socks! *huge evil grin* Have never had toe socks with a different color for each toe! *happiness* And also a chef’s cap that reads “Noodles”. Thanks to recent pasta obsession. ; ) Thank you, homura!


Shall work towards deserving that chef’s hat! ; )

Went to watch The Twins Effects. Edison Chen was Kazaf, the vampire prince. He was immensely cute. *beams* Unfortunately,

Reeve, the vampire hunter, is almost completely useless. *makes face* Uselessness compounded by his fellow vampire hunter/girlfriend. He deserves the ridiculous girlfriend he hooks up with. *buries head in hands* How can fluff like that become a vampire slayer? And what’s with making mistakes like that? ><

Apparently, vampire hunters need to drink vampire blood to give them the powers needed to combat vampires. This can only last without ill-effects for one and a half hours, after which they are required to take an antidote lest they turn into vampires permanently. Said antidote is stored in a Banana Essence bottle. *thwaps makers of the antidote* You, readers, can see the problems coming a miiiile away, but this somehow eludes the vampire slayers. There must be a message in this.

So naturally, Reeve’s Token Girlfriend takes the antidote and makes banana muffins with them. This compels Reeve to go on a banana-muffin spree simply to avoid permanent vampirism. Of course, the antidote, in banana muffins, doesn’t take action so quickly. Thus we get to see Vampire! Reeve scoffing banana muffins.

Is it only Chinese shows that possess this particular brand of bang-head-against-wall, over-the-top qualities?

Kazaf being cute made up for the silliness, though said vampire prince had his own silly moments, such as making a date with his human girlfriend at 12 noon on a beach. And not realizing that his vampirism would make this impossible until his manservant, Prada (yes, Prada), pointed it out to him.

Cue sequence where Prada and Kazaf make suntan lotion. In a deliberate parallel to cooking shows. “First, you add the sesame oil...” starts the whole scene off. It doesn’t help that all the ingredients used in said suntan potion are all edible.

Wah. Prada was fun. But Duke finished him off.

Duke’s the requisite Evil Vampire who needs the “blood essence” of five vampire princes to open the book of Day Into Night, which is a heirloom in (you guessed it) Kazaf’s family. This book, once opened, enables a vampire to walk in day as if it is night, thus removing one of the key limitations to a vampire’s power. Naturally, Kazaf is the last Vampire Prince. (This reminds me of Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire Series. I adored Christopher Pike, as a child/teenager. Only his books tended to go a little too heavy on making-out.)

Kazaf does have a girlfriend, though, who is far more fun and ten times more capable than Reeve’s. She helps her oftimes bumbling boyfriend evade vampire hoodlums, has the sense to procure blood intended for transfusion for him (since said prince refuses to drink from humans), and is a far better fighter than Reeve’s girlfriend. She at least gets to the point. And she has her own share of facepalm! moments, such as when she misconstrues a conversation where Kazaf reveals his vampiric nature to her as Kazaf wanting to break up.

Summary of the Ending: Duke kills Prada and allows Reeve to turn into a vampire. This forces Reeve’s girlfriend to kill her erstwhile love. Oh, and Kazaf’s girlfriend is also Reeve’s sister. So vampire slayer and vampire prince’s girlfriends team up to battle all the vampires, Kazaf being conveniently out of action, thanks to Duke’s acquisition of his blood essence. Reeve’s girlfriend (why? Why her? Why?!) gets to acquire part of the powers of Day-Into-Night while attempting to thwart Duke, and becomes a *facepalm* vampire. Nevertheless, the duo defeat Duke. And…

The Eventual Ending: All three survivors – vampire prince, vampire prince’s girlfriend, and vampire-slayer-turned-vampire, become a vampire slayer trio.

*drowns in Parmesan*

I liked the show, though. ; ) There was a lovely English-speaking exchange between Kazaf and Duke that lasted less than five minutes and justified the price of the movie (for me). And Kazaf (Edison Chen) has a lovely non-Chinese-accented speaking-English voice.

And Kazaf’s name, while reminding me of a certain file-sharing software, is pretty cool, really. (To me.)

Then met up with risax for lunch at Swensen’s. *beams* Had a Chocolate Malted Sundae. Which was really good. Also, all the sundaes that I order with Maltesers in them tend to generate Maltesers as if they’ve been hit by a Matrix-Reloaded Agent Smith-esque replicator. Which necessitates my needing help to finish them off. Had the salmon and mushroom baked rice. ; ) Yet another item I must learn to make for the time when I go overseas.

We were joined by homura’s senior, and were introduced to homura’s Three Mice In A Box. Reminded of Babe, risax and I performed a rendition of Blue Moon. From the mice. *evilness* Was much interested in how the mice were named. *smiles at anyasy and waves to the Mouse in the Middle*

Then Finding Nemo!


As risax says – Dory’s indestructible.

Had to leave to go for driving, and then to a family dinner. One of those massive outings involving the extended family and dinner commencing at 8.45pm. We were celebrating my Australian aunt’s visit, my brother’s return home, and my Malaysian cousin’s birthday. ^_^ Family gatherings tend to have their share of moments:

“Why does the bride cry at weddings?”

“Because she can’t get the best man.”

Also learnt that cousin’s graduation involved balloting for the different colours of graduation gowns. (First I’ve heard of it.) And that his faculty ended up with, of all colours, pink.

*falls over*

Had mango pudding for dessert. This was the first restaurant I’d ever been to which gave you one of those tiny jugs of evaporated milk to go with the mango pudding. About two or three jugs per table. Which means you can add as much milk as you want. Which also meant that I went overboard. *evilness*

Saturday, 5th July 2003

Went to anyasy’s house!

*huge grin*

Thank you, anyasy!


Met risax and homura! *huge evil grin* dreamcatcher met us later – and brought Mrs. Field’s Brownies! *smiles* Thank you ^_^ Am of the opinion that Mrs. Fields does the best brownies. ; )

Anya’s place does the best barbecues! *happiness* I loved the mango salad. And Anya, your mom does the best sake-marinated cod I’ve ever had. *delight*

And many thanks to Anya for enabling me to see the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne opening cinematic. *dies of happiness* It was absolutely beautiful. As wonderful as the screencaps I’d seen. Do not care if Illidan is fat. *laughter* He’s still pretty impressive! ; ) And I loved the Naga. (If that’s how they’re spelled.) And I agree, they move like Hydralisks. Also adore the Hydralisks. ; ) *happiness*

Watched the Engrish version of The Two Towers. The very first line is out of whack – Gandalf’s “Fly, you fools!” has mutated into “Follow, you fools!”

*collapses laughing*

Cannot imagine the Fellowship plunging headlong into Moria after him. ; )

I also second Anya’s mom’s opinion of Legolas. *smirks evilly*

Got to see Anya’s Yami no Matsuei manga. She is right. Touda is very cute. Though she goes for him with the visor, while I go for him sans visor. ^_^ Makes him look like Cyclops, in my opinion. ; )

*flees Anya*

And Muraki is cool. ; )

Had a stayover at anyasy’s place!


Got to see the Making-of Cakes Personified: New York Cheesecake! *cheers* In person! *huge smile*

Poor risax had to translate Anya’s manga for me *hides from the both of them* Especially the… questionable scenes. *stays hidden*

Sunday, 6th July 2003

Woke up in Anya’s place. Thank you for the great stayover, anyasy!


And for lunch! ; ) Hadn’t eaten nasi lemak in ages. ^_^

Met up with Ratal in the evening. *huge grin* In the Hotel Intercontinental. Shall I proclaim it the most impressive Ratal gathering locale ever? *grin* Thank you, Isilme for the room! *glomps Isilme* Hope our gathering didn’t disturb everyone else on the floor ^_^

May have traumatized Elear with “Elear, I’m here” opening line. *goes hide*

Finally met sarahcoldheart! *smiles* Half of Ratal’d just returned from a cosplay session. Sarah made a pretty cool Ringwraith ; ) Then again, am a Wraith Fancier. ^_^ It was great to meet someone who’s also into Mary-Sue induced amusement. ^_^ Me, I have the sinking feeling I write them, but they shall stay mercifully unposted. *glee*

Ended up half-strangled by Dae again. *glares at said half-orc* Why does this happen almost every time we get together? *amused*

Celebrated a birthday with mango and apple strudel. ^_^ Have now discovered a liking for mango strudel. Thank you nescienx for said strudel! *beams*

Isilme and nescienx stayed over. ^_^ nescienx and I wandered down to Bugis Junction to buy dinner back (at 9.40pm). *laughter* Ran into an ex-primary school classmate. *surprise*

Watched The Queen of the Damned over Yoshinuya and takopachi. *giggles* What a combination. The movie was better than I’d remembered it, but probably due to where I was and who I was with ^_^ Although I still prefer Tom Cruise as Lestat. And where was Louis? *weeps*

Also discovered strange property of our hotel room – the TV can be heard in the bathroom when it’s on. *stunned* Also, we discovered that it is not a very good idea to visit the bathroom if The Queen of the Damned is playing on television. This worsened by fact that we could not bring down the volume on the bathroom speaker.

Watched the Engrish version of Two Towers after that. *evil grin* (Yes, again. More. *smirks*) Then had to go to sleep as had driving the day after : ( But nescienx and Isilme were up : ) They managed to draw the map of Ratal! *cheers* And slept at 6am. Was vaguely conscious of them moving to the other side of the room in the middle of the night morning, but other than that, was out.

Monday, 7th July 2003

Woke up in the presence of elf and half-elf. Was only human. *amused* Had to leave for driving lessons : ( Last gathering before Ratal turns Ratal International. ; ) And we must learn to synchronise three countries with three different timelines.

After driving, wandered around in Takashimaya and succumbed to the cuteness. *hides* Also wandered off to Paragon (why did I accidentally type a “r” there? [wait, is it “an” r, or “a” r? – Snape references notwithstanding?]) and spent a great deal of time in Jasons Supermarket. Wandered off to the toy store and found a stuffed Nemo toy retailing at 10 cents shy of fifty dollars. *runs away*

Met up with family, then off to the Esplanade. Visited Thai Express ; ) The green mango salad is better than the green papaya salad. The latter is mostly tasteless. Then under my evil influence, family moved to Haagen Dasz, where they were persuaded to buy Midnight Chocolate ice cream and Bailey’s Ice Cream. ^_^

Later note: Ha! One sibling addicted to Bailey’s and the other to Midnight Chocolate. May also have converted my father. *cheers*

Tuesday, 8th July 2003

Spent much of time asleep, due to earlier Ratal gathering and two successive stayovers ; ) Made pesto pasta. With mushrooms, chicken, red oak lettuce (I adore red oak!) and grated mozzarella. *happiness* Poor family were subjected to my cooking. *hides from them*

Wednesday, 9th July 2003

Met up with risax, homura and Skye for lunch. Was delighted to run into anyasy as well. *huge grin* So it was lunch for us ^_^ After which, went to watch Finding Nemo again, with risax and homura. *happiness* risax noted the pathetic fallacy in the rain falling after

Marlin seeing what he thinks is Nemo’s death.

Then went to Kare Kano’s new location ^_^ But not before stopping for a break at McDonalds. *cheers hot fudge sundaes* Sundaes go well with French fries. *flees the disagreers*

Kare Kano’s now located in Sunshine Plaza, in a place with automatic doors. Would never have found it without homura’s guidance. The new shop is much better-looking than the last. *grin* Better lighting. More space. Everything. Unfortunately, the same erratic opening hours for different sections of the shop.

Thursday, 10th July 2003

Woke up to send homura off at the airport. :: tears :: Got to see Vee again! *cheers Vee* Found out about roller lint-removers. *laughter*

After driving, met up with nescienx. ^_^ Had lunch at Suntec, where I was shown a Spiderman comic that had me going on a hunt for the Spiderman movie VCD. *buries head in hands* To quote Jacques, “I am ashamed.” But... I still did it. *laughter*

Went to Shop-Which-Sells-Movie-Related-Merchandise near Carrefour. Why do all the shops that sell fun things always have strange opening hours and stranger opening practices? Bought a set of Finding Nemo postcards. ; )

Then went to the Esplanade ^_^ Poor nescienx had to endure my “I can move the bubbles”-ness at the reflecting pool outside the Esplanade. Also my horrible picture-taking skills. *flees nescienx*

Went to Haagen Dasz. *huge grin* Tried Toffee Crème and Midnight Chocolate. nescienx had a Hot Belgian Chocolate. *grin*

Had much fun! *beams*

Friday, 11th July 2003

Was exhausted by previous day, so spent lunch hour at home. Tried my hand at making Maggie Mee. Have concluded that:

1. I cannot live on Maggie Mee while overseas
2. I have no sense of proportion. (Conclusion brought on by fact that added too many peas to the noodles.)
3. I must learn to cook something else.

Left for the airport after dinner to see my Australian aunt off. Had the Venetian Chocolate Cake and Hot Vanilla at Coffee Club XPress. Chocolate cake had rum in it, and was 50% pure chocolate. The Hot Vanilla was just as good as the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s one. ; ) Yes, it’s essentially foamy, sweetened milk, but I like it. ^_^ The one at Starbucks, however, is just hot milk. With foam.

After the airport, went to watch Terminator 3 with the family. This was one movie I was always going to watch, whether or not reviews lambasted it, whether or not no one wanted to watch it. Because it’s a Terminator Movie. ; ) I loved Terminator 2: Judgement Day, although it scared me to pieces (I was a kid!).

John Connor is not cute. *massive protest* He was cute in Terminator 2. Edward Furlong! ; ) But in T3, he’s played by Nick Stahl.

I had the sense that this movie wasn’t going to be anything near Terminator 2 from the trailers, but that wasn’t going to stop me watching it. : ) I suppose if you’re watching it for a sense of danger, an omnipresent feeling that fear’s all about – this is probably not the movie. (That, or I was an impressionable child for T2 to do that to me, whereas I’m several years older for T3.) It’s an action thriller, all right – a van-police car-fire truck-crane (don’t ask) chase of epic proportions takes place somewhere within the first hour.

I’d have to say the Terminator gets some of the best lines. I suppose the fun that originates in the incongruity of having this “killing machine” speak lines that are immensely human. “Talk to the hand.” *falls off chair*

Also the scene where he puts on sunglasses that have flower-shaped frames. Oh, and they’re glittery flower-shaped frames. My mind was thinking, “Icon! Icon!” *amused*

Strangely enough, the Terminator’s brusque, extremely business-like attitude to everything he deals with makes some scenes strangely humorous. This is probably the filmmakers’ intention.

The TX is pretty cool. Though I have the feeling the censors’ scissors took away quite a bit from the original film. T3 is R-rated in the States. There is no way the same film could be PG here without several cuts.

T3 also has Claire Danes. I was surprised.

Saturday, 12th June 2003

Went to see nescienx off at the airport. :: tears :: First step in Ratal going International. Hope you had a good trip ; ) And bring us back a Smith. Each.

*glomps nescienx*

Joined family for dinner at the Botanic Gardens. Had one very long taxi ride there. Also, Tyserall Road goes alllll the way to Farrer Road, and half of it (where I was supposed to be) is one-way. *cries* So guess which way I went. Yes, the wrong one.

It had just rained, and it was dark. The gardens are beautiful in the dark, with the lanterns and lights glowing in the trees and along the walkways. I crossed a path by a pond, which was lit from within. The water was a luminous green. ; ) And the air – it was like nothing else. It’s the scent of the air after the rain, when everything smells fresh, and yes, lush, though I try to find a better word. Either I was hungry, or it was the restaurant, but there was rum on the air as I entered the gardens, and the scent turned to mint when I approached the restaurant. ; )

Then wandered the Gardens with family after dinner. It’s so very different in the dark. Palm Valley had a giant TV screen, and it was showing, of all things, Chinese drama serials. *collapses* But the rest of the gardens were tranquil, save the pavilion which housed a (relatively) rowdy party.

Sunday, 13th June 2003

Spent a disturbing proportion of today asleep.


Then saw part of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” on TV. My defense is that I was not in control of the remote. To my horror, said show was not as bad as I’d expected it to be. Which means that my taste is worse than I thought it was.

Also saw Viggo Mortensen in Daylight. ; ) He looks more Viggo than Aragorn in that show. But of course. ; )

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