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trust me
Only four days between updates! *cheers* 
17th-Jul-2003 03:47 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Monday, 14th July 2003

Bro went back to school : ( Had driving. Could not see him off at airport. : (

Met Sparrow for dinner at Orchard. Did not manage to make it to the library as we intended ; ) Went to the Pasta Café – had the seafood linguine with white wine sauce. Not a choice I will make again. This white wine sauce was sour. Unless it’s intended to be that way.

Went to Kinokuniya, where I headed off to the Star Wars books. *hides in a corner* The “Intended for Ages 9-12” books. Am ashamed to admit that they involve me far better than the books written for older readers. Either that says something awful about the writing style for the adult books, or something worse about my mental age. *edges away* Am fascinated with the Jedi Apprentice series. If I’m in a fandom, it’s The Phantom Menace fandom, and the pre-TPM fandom. Do not get the whole Luke and Leia issue. Also do not get the Anakin and Padme issue. So, it’s Obi-Wan Kenobi for me ; ) Speaking of which, Ewan McGregor looked way better in Star Wars: Episode One than he did in Episode Two.

And also, speaking of which (Digression! *cheers*) I’ve seen the Down With Love posters. The new romantic comedy starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Will watch said comedy if for no other reason than Ewan McGregor. *amusement*

Then went to the Coffee Club Xpress with Sparrow. Had a Hot Vanilla and a Viennese chocolate cake. The first time I ordered this, the lady taking my order warned, “There’s rum in it.” ^_^ I wonder how that is meant to be a bad thing. ; ) I like Hot Vanilla, even if it is nothing more than foamy, sweet milk. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf does a good hot vanilla, too. And, er, Starbuck’s Hot Milk is just that. Hot milk. With foam.

Then went to Borders ^_^ Yes, it was a Major Bookstore Marathon for us! ; )

Also, both Kinokuniya and Borders are out of Finding Nemo books. I saw the junior novelization in MPH – and it was just the one copy. My notes on the Gill Front are better! ><

And does this mean there is an Adult Novelization? ; )
(I know! I know! Random Question of Day!)

*sidles off into a corner* I bought Jedi Apprentice books. The Rising Force and Dark Rival.

Tuesday, 15th July 2003

Tuesday, 15th July 2003

Saw anyasy off at the airport. *weeps*

Went for a BK breakfast with skye. Then off to the Marine Parade Library. ; ) Haven’t done that for way too long ; ) At said library – ended up in the Children’s Section. Yes, I was going Jedi Apprentice hunting.

Very amused by the library shelves. At MPL, I walked past a shelf that read N-S. Then, at the Ang Mo Kio library, which I went to later, a shelf read L-S. *cheers* Yay for Fandom OTP-supporting shelves!

Went out with Xiu and Dulcia. JN couldn’t make it : ( We went to Far East Plaza. Met up with Alex there! *beams* Spent some three and a half hours in Far East Plaza, all told.

And when I was there... I acquired more Jedi Apprentice books. Much better to go to secondhand bookstores. Got two books there for less than what one book costs in a major bookstore. Granted, the selection is nowhere as wide.

Went off to the massive DFS store. It is very pretty, and also built entirely for tourists, which may explain it. Said store has an escalator that goes up four levels. ; ) To me, more impressive than the one at Shaw Towers. *smiles* We played Following Fish. *hides* It’s when you stand near the koi at the pond and see if they follow you. These ones did. And very responsively. The ones at the Fullerton can be responsive, but they’re erratic. Only if they wish to.

DFS store also has miniature microphones, loudspeakers and radios – the keyring variety. They can record and play back sounds. You could leave many interesting messages there. ; )

*reads what have written* Have sunk into randomness again. *hides*

Then went to Scotts Marketplace for dinner.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Must have been something I ate. Had nasty episode involving what I suspect was food poisoning. Very ow. Played Curl-Up-On-the-(bathroom) Floor. *wince* But was better after medicine. Worst being not being able to sleep due to pain.

Went driving after that, as felt better. Some instructors at my driving centre are helpful. They praise you, and they don’t berate. Have had one instructor for several sessions (we get different instructors every time, purportedly. Though I do not know how I managed to get this particular individual so many times). And when this one doesn’t scold me, that is praise enough.

Then came home. Ate porridge. Safe Food time, it was.

Then joined Aingeal and Dae at Plaza Singapura. Dae couldn’t come find Nemo with us. *is sad* And I watched Nemo for the fourth time. Thank you, Aingeal! ^_^

Great show. ; ) Aingeal observed that the song the Fish Shoal sings - “Whale of a Tale” – is also a Disney song. Self-promotion! It’s a Disney Movie Month – even Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney ride! Not to mention the movie ads which Disney so strategically aired before Nemo. Brother Bear and The Lizzie McGuire movie. I do not know how Lizzie McGuire could’ve been a successful TV series, but then it is unlikely that people like me made it so.

Then went to Secret Recipes for tea. ; ) Had a chocolate cake (again). Aingeal had a tiramisu that was 50% cream, and delicious. *smiles*

Came home and posted on Ratal. Another Long Overdue Ratal High update. ; ) *apologies to Serry*

Thursday, July 17th, 2003

Went driving in the morning. Went through two lessons today! *cheers* First of which was the Pre-Drive check. Apparently the car needs:

1. Engine oil
2. Brake fluid/ Clutch Pedal fluid (if car is not automatic)
3. Coolant (though tap water will suffice)
4. Battery water (this time, tap water will not suffice)
5. Water. For the windscreen jets.

You check the depth of the engine oil with a dipstick. For some reason, this made me think of the X-Files line which had Mulder saying that Krychek’s “moral dipstick is two drops short of bone dry”.

Very Random Happiness-Inducing Event of Day

Button Mushrooms have returned to the shelves of my Supermarket! *cheers*
17th-Jul-2003 03:51 am (UTC)
ratal..ratal? sounds..familiar..?..ratal..

Hyanda:*narrows eyes and smacks sena upside the head*

*buzzes* ......OH.
18th-Jul-2003 07:11 am (UTC) - *wild cheering*
Ratal! *celebrates*

*looks at Hyanda* *decides that this is one elf who wouldn't be open to having his shirtsleeves tugged*

; ) I updated Ratal High. ^_^ Also began a thread casting Ratal characters in the Forum. ; ) Ratal: The Movie! ^_^ Dae suggested Ben Affleck as Elear. *impish grin* I like the idea! ; ) Elear, on the other hand... *smirks*

Poor Sena... Hyan, smack Sena not...
17th-Jul-2003 06:44 am (UTC) - :O
Ahahaha! Brother Bear's ad is funny! And sad too.. The funny bit was about the two mooses saying to get out of the cinema and come back when BB comes on.

Dipstick......oooh that just makes me think so wrongum things. Romance trashy things. He put his dipstick in her oil container thing.
18th-Jul-2003 07:15 am (UTC) - *giggles*
Yes! I agree! I love that part about with the moose! ; ) All of a sudden this reminds me of what anyasy heard Mr. T saying, "The plural of moose is meese! Therefore, I choose, we cheese!"

*collapses laughing*

I think I might actually go watch Brother Bear. *cries* I just hope it isn't as addictive as Nemo. With all I've spent on legally watching the Nemo movie, I strangely feel as if I'm entitled to a pirated VCD. *laughter* Not that I can find one. Those are becoming as difficult to find as an innocent thought in my Ratal-related mind. *laughter*

*hysterical laughter* Now you've got me thinking wrong things too! With those dipstick ideas! *still laughing uncontrollably*
17th-Jul-2003 06:45 am (UTC)
*winces at the food poisoning* OUCH. It's happened to me before, I can sympathise. >_< Hope you're better now.

... I don't remember that stuff about how to check the engine... *sweatdrop* If the car I'm driving ever gets problesm, I'm so in trouble. ^^;;

And yes, tourist-attracting things always much prettier. *points at Newton's Circle* Food's okay, but the chilli is not half spicy enough. Also the cleanest hawker centre I've ever seen. If that's what tourists see, no wonder we have a reputation for cleanliness. *grin*
18th-Jul-2003 07:24 am (UTC) - *smiles*
Food poisoning bites!

Am much better! *grin* Thank you ^_^

Am of the feeling that I will forget the engine checking as soon as I pass the test ; ) My instructor showed me which lever to pull to bring the hood of the car up, after which there is a hook you need to release before you can lift the hood. And another stand which helps to prop the hood up.

It is the changing of the car tyre which I think I cannot handle. I tried turning the tire. It was not easy downright difficult.

Newton! *grin* I don't actually remember ever being there *hides* All I know is that it's ghost town in the day. Due to doing flag collecting at said time. ; ) Usually end up in Chomp Chomp more than any other place ^_^ It being near where I stay. ; )
17th-Jul-2003 08:45 am (UTC)
Finding Nemo was nice :) Was a very pretty film, certainly *loves all the reef shots* Saw some of the potentially slash-fodder bits, but would probably not have thought of it if you hadn't brought it up earlier XD Then again, am so firmly entrenched in the gutter that you never know... Ohohohoho! XD

Driving sounds very complicated >.< And seeing how easily my mind wanders, probably not a good idea for me to try =P Sarah's comment is giving me Very Bad Ideas regarding car parts as analogies...

@}% aingeal
18th-Jul-2003 10:12 am (UTC) - *smiles*
Yes! Nemo was wonderful! *huge grin*

*hides* Seeing (or should I say "sea-ing"?) the slash was probably my fault... *stays hidden behind cinema seat*

Now have the sinking feeling that I may never leave the gutter.

; )

*giggles* I'd actually be interested in hearing the car analogies. ; ) Would it involve any of the mental acrobatics Ratal gets up to when we play Cluedo?

17th-Jul-2003 08:09 pm (UTC) - argh....
sarah n aingeal are giving me Bad Bad Thoughts

*goes wake-boarding in gutter*
18th-Jul-2003 10:13 am (UTC) - *laughter*
It'd be pretty interesting to see a wakeboarding Professor!

*huge grin*

I think this Bad Thoughts Tendency must be a Ratal thing. ; )
17th-Jul-2003 09:09 pm (UTC)
yosh! : ) Interesting. I miss Kino already! *grins*

button mushrooms?(bleh)
18th-Jul-2003 10:14 am (UTC) - *smiles*
Kino's amazing!

*hides the mushrooms from anyasy*

I kinda like mushrooms. With lots of basil. ^_^
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