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Return of the Pasta Maker!

Went to buy boots the other day. Do not understand why it is the Boots for Men which are all black and the Boots for Women that are red. The black boots look so much better than the red ones. *makes face* So much for equal opportunity clothing.

Anyway, got the black boots. *wild cheering*

Thursday, 17th July 2003

Went out with Sway. Went to Out of the Pan! ; ) Am addicted to the crepes there. Someday I will get around to trying the blue cheese crepes. They sound good. With raisins and apples! ; ) Had the Exotic Crepe. Essentially, whipped cream with a crepe over it - somewhat like an inverted sunny-side up egg, with passionfruit sherbert, dragonfruit, kiwifruit, strawberries, mango, and passionfruit. I loved the passionfruit sherbert! *delight*

Then went to the library. ^_^ The fountain there is beautiful at night! It's lit up, and the shadows the light makes through the water are gorgeous. The word for it was coruscating, I believe. ; ) Makes me think Coruscant. (Too much Jedi Apprentice. *hides*)

Today: Friday, 18th July 2003

Went out to Suntec today with my mom and bro. Giftland is closing down! :( That makes yet another Singaporean (was it Singaporean, Giftland?) shop to go bust. Wah. 50% off on all items. Eheh. Went and bought loads of wrapping paper. I adore wrapping paper! *cheers* Tried the new Chocolate Mint Pretzel at Auntie Anne's. I didn't like it. *makes face* Will not try it again. I go for the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel!

Oh, and they opened the Suntec City fountain - they built a walkway in it, so you can actually go to the center of the fountain and look up. Will go with you if you want to check it out ^_^ It's kinda cool, to walk up there ^_^ Though of course, this being Singapore, the management put up a sign that says "Walk three times around the Fountain for luck and prosperity". Or something like that. Saw it last week, I believe. ; )

Made pasta today - cream sauce, with mushrooms, sausages, and bacon. I sliced the sausages diagonally. Put in lots of herbs. I don't think the meat will give it enough flavor. And I simply must learn to cook fried rice! *embarrassed laughter* *hides behind the wok*

Today, Life! featured Buying Nemo. Clownfish craze that's swept Singapore. And apparently one shop did especially good business by putting up clownfish in plastic bags with NEMO marked on them. Feel vague trepidation over the fate of those clownfish. *wonders sadly about the Porcelain Express*

And we have an excellent Public Utilities system. *smiles* Call them, and they appear in an hour. Amazing. Efficiency like this makes me - call me silly and materialistic - proud of my country.

Having a prize presentation at school tomorrow. Am getting a History prize. This would be completely impossible without risax, who was an inspiration through those two years, often spent in the shadow of the mountains of History notes, and near-impossible essay deadlines. Thank you ^_^ I could never have done it without you.

Still cannot bear to discard History notes. Am a packrat. Must have developed an emotional attachment to said notes. *looks warily at cupboard*

Though does this mean that, as a Year Three at the presentation, I will have to be obedient and actually pay attention to what is going on? Most prize presentation ceremonies usually have me, er, falling asleep. And it being College Day, I do wonder if they will pull a stunt like they did on the last one, and have the Chinese Orchestra play songs like "Prancing Tiger, Prancing Dragon". That was the actual song title.

Consciousness, stay with me...

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