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Went for the prize presentation at my College Day. Discovered that I received Best in History as well as a VAC Academic Award. I thought the Academic Award was describing the subject prize. So did not realize that it was otherwise until I was told where to stand during the prize-giving ceremony.

My Civics Tutor is a grandfather! ^_^ He insists that we must all respect him on account on his Grandfatherhood. *giggles* He shares the same birthday as my mother, and his granddaughter shares the same birthday as my brother. *impish grin* I delight in finding connections with absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

Have Kinokuniya vouchers. Am going to use them on books that are fun and absolutely no help to my studies. Do not care. They will make me happy. They will make me very happy.

Wonder if it is an aftereffect of studying far too many serious books. Just like watching MTV. Is so fun to turn my mind off for a while.

That said, am now addicted to Jedi Apprentice books. Am making an utter idiot of self by wandering about the 9 to 12 Year Old Section of bookstores and the Young Adult Section of libraries. Still do not care. Am happy.

Very amused by Moulin Rouge now, on account of Christian and Obi-Wan Kenobi being played by Ewan McGregor. (Whom I think incredibly gorgeous.) Listened to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and was endlessly entertained by lines such as:

"We should be lovers..."

"We could be heroes... Forever and ever..."
(Very Jedi Knight. *amusement*)

"Just one night... Just one knight..."

Oh, and Your Daily Randomness Quotient of the Day is fulfilled by this word:


Courtesy of ex-classmate GM, whom I was sitting next to. Did not notice this. Am delighted to find out. Very happy.

Made beef, mushroom and cream pasta today. Pasta much improved by addition of sour light cream. And eggs.

And CLAMP's X/1999 Book 6 is out! In English! *huge grin* Bought it. This was the book that first made me take a second look at X/1999. ; )

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