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trust me
Second Day at Work! 
18th-May-2005 06:10 pm
Reborn - Yamamoto CHIBITA
Four days from completing my last law exam, I started work in a law firm on placement. And on my second day, I'm already working overtime. A document I was reviewing that was meant to be fifteen pages turned out to be fifty pages long. Which is a good thing - I now know more than I ever thought I would on the plastic drum industry, and the legal proceedings for bankruptcy in the US, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. This is actually a good thing.

Now I'm going to go home and turn my mind off.

First Day at Work

We begin as we mean to go on.

So I should really stop running wild on LJ during my first day at work. :D

Kyou Kara Maou!'s 41st episode's subbed now. I am at work and cannot download it. *explodes*

Daddy is a henachoko. Wow, my mind is gone.

Finished law exams last Thursday! It is now the Tuesday directly after and I've begun a work placement at a law firm. First piece of work - reviewing an annual report to bond holders - turned up today. CC'd to a Gunther. :D

My Day out with Heika

Wolf wasn't in London on Sunday, so I ran off with Heika visited Nottingham with Housemate Ann. Robin Hood without his merry men! (Wrong thoughts now!) This reminds me of the time I was in Singapore and the TV listings had this delightful slasher-friendly description of Robin Hood, "Will Robin be able to save his beloved Sheriff of Nottingham?" I do believe they meant Maid Marion, but it's far more fun the way it is, don't you think?

Kingdom of Fandom

Watched Kingdom of Heaven with risax. :D Going out to watch it again tonight with TR. Call it celebrating the first day at work!

I support Baldwin/Balian. Or, the characters played by Edward Norton/Orlando Bloom, and yes, there are ways around Baldwin's condition. (king_baldwin)

risax, can your Property Mortgages question beat

Thiiiiiiis is what I did today!

The laws of each of the jurisdictions in which the Guarantors are organized limit the ability to guarantee debts of a parent company. These limitations arise under various provisions and principles of corporate law which can require sister or subsidiary guarantors to receive adequate corporate benefit from the financing, require preservation of share capital and govern thin capitalization and fraudulent transfer laws. If these limitations were not observed, the Subsidiary Guarantors' guarantees of the notes would be subject to legal challenge. The guarantees will contain language limiting the amount of debt guaranteed so that any applicable local law restrictions will not be violated. Moreover, guarantees to be provided by certain of our Subsidiary Guarantors will only be valid insofar as the obligations can be fulfilled without violating certain mandatory provisions of German law that require preservation of the share capital of German limited liability companies. Furthermore, although we believe that the guarantees of the notes of these guarantors are enforceable (subject to the aforementioned restrictions), there can be no assurance that a third party creditor would not challenge these guarantees and prevail in court.


My mind is gone, as that is what I was doing all day.

The exams let fandom begin the slow process of Taking Over Me

risax also claims I lost my mind during the exams, but she only says this because I kept obsessively making KKM icons and occasionally turning up on MSN to squeal at her in joy and argue with her as to whether her Pink Thing Yachiru-Kenpachi icon was girlier than my Wolfram in a Nightgown icon.

In my house, this is how we ask if anyone else wants to use the washroom: "DO YOU WANT TO BE FLUSHED DOWN?"

And if you don't, you answer, "NO! YOU FLUSH DOWN FIRST!"

There is Wolfram fanart in my fridge, and I wasn't responsible for it. Heika Housemate Ann was. He's decorating the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream tub.

Also, in my household, I am apparently Gunter, because, as Housemate Ann says, "He is always surrounded by gay men! You would enjoy it!" Wolf giaan concurs, so I am overthrown by a Court of Appeal majority decision.

the little things

Let me tell you about the little things.

If I like someone, I'm happy spending time wandering around a supermarket with them. I don't need to be in a club or watching a musical or travelling around the world.

If I like you enough, I'm happy sitting with you watching anime, writing you letters, walking down the road with you, or watching a movie with you. Imagining you in my mind can make me happy. Heavens, even MSN conversations with you can make me happy! I can be happy with you just sitting by your side in a bookstore, reading.

It doesn't matter to me if anyone thinks that these things are boring, or mundane. This is my life, and this is what works for me. This is my happiness, and when I find it, I don't let it slip out of my hands until the moment I decide to let go.

All I know is that I'm happy with you, and happy that you are with me. That is all I need. And all I'll ever need.

The measure of my happiness with anyone is how happy I am doing the simple things with them. And it was only after all this time that I finally know what companionable silence, and that is a great thing.

Things You Shouldn't Do At Work

I read Shinou/Murata fic, and I don't know if bankruptcy proceedings tend to make lawyers this happy.

I came home after my first day of work to see that one of the authors I like best updated her KKM fic! *is so happy*

18th-May-2005 05:28 pm (UTC)
Fire here, posting from my fic journal screenname since I'm too lazy to log out and am almost finished writing this bit ^^; Gomen~~

Awww sounds like you had fun <3 Plastic drums, eh? Considering my current line of thought - brought about by hours of writing/drawing smut - that could indeed be a very interesting brief. And why do they call these things briefs when they're so damn long?

MSN conversations with you make me explode with joy ^_^. More than many RL occupations, indeed.

Now I must see Kingdom of Heaven since two friends on my list are fangirling it *hee*
19th-May-2005 01:40 pm (UTC)
*FANGIRLS YOU LIKE WHOA* I saw your art on chastinelove! *hugs you so tightly* IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! ARGH for my being at work now and being unable to maximise the screen! *HUGS YOU* Thank you! It is utterly gorgeous, and I was so thrilled over it I was just about smiling insanely.

Speaking of which, I was at a conference call this morning, and the lawyers at my firm are acting on the instructions of a man named Constantine. I completely thought of you then! *HUGS* I WISH YOU WERE HERE. :D

brought about by hours of writing/drawing smut
*evil grin* This is always a good thing! Especially when it's your art!

OH, and I saw the BL mangaka scans you put up. *whistles* Where do you get these things? XD But the artist is very good.

that could indeed be a very interesting brief.
I think my mind has just joined your mind in its train of thought.


I'd always meant to ask, have you seen/heard of Kouga Yun's Loveless? *grin*

MSN conversations with you make me explode with joy ^_^. More than many RL occupations, indeed.

*grin* Kingdom of Heaven! Let me know what you think of it, if you watch it? I worry that you won't like it very much, but I know I'll enjoy what you say about it. *grin* You're always able to make these intelligent comments on movies which I wish I could! *grin*
18th-May-2005 05:30 pm (UTC)
Ah. Productive day at work, I see. *smirk*

Your evil exams are over! *joy for you*

My evil exam results are being released in about, oh, 12 hours. Sigh.
19th-May-2005 01:44 pm (UTC)
Inu Yasha icon! XD I'd always meant to ask when you got into it! And whether you like Kagome or Sango better? Or the priestess Kagome used to be? Kikome? (Or such a name?)

SUCH a productive day at work. *evil grin* I always seem to find that the more productive I have to be, the more un-productive I become in my spare time, almost as in compensation. It would explain the horrifying spike in my insanity levels as it approaches the exams. I believe it's a compensatory effect brought on by the fact that I have to be objective and rational. (That is not easy!)

I can't believe you watched the Amityville Horror! *grin* Did you/will you watch Kingdom of Heaven? I mean, if you ignore Orlando, there's Jeremy Irons, Edward Norton, and David Thewlis! I think you might like David Thewlis's character. Reminds me a little of Snape crossed with Lupin. After all, he does play the Hospitaller.

*HUGS YOU TIGHT* I hope the evil exam results went well? All the best! *hugs you again*
18th-May-2005 05:44 pm (UTC)
Oddly I imagine you like that lawyer from Legally Blonde only you know, less blonde and more fandomy. So it's like Legally Fandom or something. @_@
19th-May-2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
*giggles obligingly* (It fits the image!) *grin* Your imagination is probably more accurate than you might think! More fandomy, yes! *grin* LEGALLY FANDOM. That's a good one!

OOOH NEW STAR WARS ICON! *would be laughing helplessly were I not in the office* And! Your creme brulee looks really good. Even if it didn't get out of the dish in one piece!
18th-May-2005 05:50 pm (UTC)
I like Muraken(or Daikenja)/Shinou (Shinou uke~~~)quite a lot. Am beginning to fall into the MuraPu trend. The reasonings I can think of for this pairing is quite logical and amusing XD

Dearie, shall we call you 'Gyun-gyun' now? *grin* So amusing it is to see your everyday life changed to Maruma XD
18th-May-2005 06:00 pm (UTC)
BTW, when you're free, check your email. ^_~
I bes going zzzing now. Ja!
18th-May-2005 06:38 pm (UTC) - *snirks*
I want my exams to be over! *cries* I have until June 8.

And dude. I'm mad now. There is more Baldwin/Balian than Tyler/Jack. Wtf. Tyler/Jack is hotter. Screw you all. >:( I'm to go sulk in my corner now.

Oh! And I got your parcel. HOW CUTE. I have written you a letter in return, but it is just sitting here. I really should ship it out. :P
19th-May-2005 01:58 pm (UTC) - *giggles and hugs you tight*
*CLINGS* I want your exams to be over, too! Exams are EVIL! *wishes you all the best for June 8*

There is more Baldwin/Balian than Tyler/Jack
OMG I KNOW. IT MAKES ME CRY SO HARD FOR TYLER/JACK. Their love is completely Jack's thwarted sense of rejection.

Screw you all
:D :D :D!!! *HUGS YOU* JOIN US! *giggles*

I'm to go sulk in my corner now.
I go with you? *sits with you in corner and blows soapy bubbles* *with jello*

:D ! I'm so glad you liked it! DID YOU LIKE THE ENGRISH? XD If I find more ENGRISH, I will send it your way! (Man, THAT was the most ENGRISH thing I have EVER seen. :D )
18th-May-2005 06:54 pm (UTC)
And on my second day, I'm already working overtime.
Ouch! Hopefully they make it worth it ;)
19th-May-2005 02:00 pm (UTC)
XD! I don't get paid, but it's good experience! *beams* Thank you for the well-wishes! *smiles* And have fun with predatory FBI Agents! XD (Brings me back to my X-Files days...) *grin*
18th-May-2005 09:45 pm (UTC)
I admit defeat. There's a reason why I hate commercial law...

Two more papers to go! 5 more days to and I'll be free... Free, I tell you! *shakes fist*

4 hour nap after paper = sanity restored.

Agree with you about the little things by the way... These are actually the things that matter the most when it comes to seeing whether a relationship would last... when they're able to talk about everything and nothing and still feel like the other person is there...

argue with her as to whether her Pink Thing Yachiru-Kenpachi icon was girlier than my Wolfram in a Nightgown icon.

Nyah, nyah, nyah... pfffft. Yours is girlier! Yachiru is less girl than Wolfram! Amazingly enough. :D

3 days of exams = loss of at least 10 years of maturity.

there are ways around Baldwin's condition
I don't want to know... *hides* *pretends doesn't hear anything*

Heheheheheh. First day of work and already slacking off on LJ... *tsk tsk* :D Well, you do deserve the time off after having to read through that... There's a reason why I refused to do commercial options for any of my courses... If I already have to do that for a living...

Speaking of which, me has to shove off to revise Public International Law...
19th-May-2005 02:08 pm (UTC)
I admit defeat. There's a reason why I hate commercial law...
:D!!! *WINS!* Eheh - *hugs you* THE LEGALESE. WOE IS US. But it can be SO FUNNY too, sometimes! :D All the disclaimers! And, "It is not our fault if the computer fails entirely to be inside the box when it is opened." < / Good Omens >

First day of work and already slacking off on LJ...
Third day of work, still slacking off on LJ! Oh, man, I can see men on the rooftops of the building opposite my building! What are they doing?! And it's raining, too! OH AND. Blackfriars Underground Station has this wall with a sign that says, "Don't Climb! Anti-Climb Paint!" Poor Spider-man! XDDDD I am so amused!

Two more papers to go! 5 more days to and I'll be free... Free, I tell you! *shakes fist*

These are actually the things that matter the most when it comes to seeing whether a relationship would last... when they're able to talk about everything and nothing and still feel like the other person is there...
*hugs you tight* Thank you. You help me realise these things, too - and it's always good to know that I'm not the only person who thinks this way. It's the simple things, I think, that let you see what it's like just being with the person. I love the way you phrased it - being able to talk about everything and nothing and still feeling as if the person is there. To know that even if there was nothing to talk about, that wouldn't change the way you felt about each other.

Yachiru is less girl than Wolfram! Amazingly enough. :D
Wolfram is prettier than Yachiru. Surprisingly enough! I mean! He's a boy!

There's a reason why I refused to do commercial options for any of my courses... If I already have to do that for a living...
:D That's why I did Arts in VJ. XD I knew that it was my last chance to do what I really liked doing before having to embark on a life in law! :D Not that it's been a bad life! :D Law has its own insanities and hilarious peculiarities and I'd still make the same choice were I to do it all over again.

*hugs* All the best for studying! Just two more exams to go!

I wonder what Yachiru ice cream tastes like?
18th-May-2005 11:35 pm (UTC)
The "little things" bit made me smile so much that I think my mouth'll fall off.

And I wonder if I can read fic at work (whenever I start)...I'll be bringing my laptop, just in case. :D
19th-May-2005 03:34 pm (UTC)
IS THAT A SAUCECAKE SASUKE icon? XD *hugs!* (He looks so cute there! And I finally figured out that one of your icons earlier was the HP and the HBP cover! PRETTY!)

*hugs you* It's the little things! *smiles* I'm glad you liked it! *hugs* And glad that you're updating/posting again! OH! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RESULTS! *GRIN* *HUGS*

*GRIN* All the best for work! I hope you will be able to read fic! ; ) Sometimes, good fic at work makes the day way better! ;D You'd be going to Japan soon, too, I think? *hugs*
19th-May-2005 12:39 am (UTC)
oh yay, you're using mood themes! I didn't realise until I took a wee break from spammiing risax's journal. Ehehe. ;)

Yay mood themes! :D

When does your paid account expire, by the way? ;)
19th-May-2005 03:39 pm (UTC)
:D I FORCED THE MOOD THEME ON MY FRIENDS PAGE. So I get to see Kyou Kara Maou! even if my friends have NEVER heard of the series. :D :D :D Although making a mood theme was more time-consuming than I thought it'd be! (And I could've done it better, too, but there's always the next time!)

*grin* Actually, my paid account ran out in early May, but I renewed it for a year as an exam present. Seeing as how during the exams I go insane with icon-making, I wanted to use them all, and now seemed a good time! *grin* *hugs* Thank you for the paid account! It was so much fun. (Can't live without icons!)

And glad to see you on LJ more! *grin* *hugcomforts about >___< drama* Let's go spam risax and educate her in the joys of Roy/Hughes and Envy/Ed. :D Roy/Ed isn't all the FMA fandom has to offer! XDDD *plots with you* AND ARMSTRONG/ROY. YOU ARE EVIIIIIL. *hugs you* And we love you for it. XD

Mood themes are so much fun. Are you at the moment figuring out a way to work mood themes into free accounts? After your work with risax's latest layout, I was impressed! *applauds* It's a neat trick! I wouldn't have thought of it myself! *hugs* Way cool.
19th-May-2005 01:13 am (UTC)
lol i think basically we shouldn't be reading/watching anything porny at work at all (slaaaaaash) but omg, we all can't resist it right???
19th-May-2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
*huge grin* I'm reading NC-17 Kingdom of Heaven slash at work. This is a bad thing. *laughter*

OH! Thank you for linking ewan_hayden! And for putting up the kiss! I saw that at work and it really made my day! *grin*


*hugs* Hope you're feeling better from the time you were ill! *pathugs*
19th-May-2005 03:48 pm (UTC)


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! *CLINGS* I've missed your updates and seeing you around online! *hugs you tight* Welcome back! *beams*

Oh, man. How much do I wish I was back home now? THIIIIS much. It's so much fun watching slashy movies with you, especially when we end up shipping the same pairing - and even if we don't, you end up converting me to your point of view anyway. *grin* Do you know I went all the way back to your Maruma posts about a year ago just because I remember you mentioned KKM once! Did you ever write Conrad/Yuuri? Show? XD I, *shame*, turned out a Yuuri/Wolf fan, but I've read and liked Conrad/Yuuri quite a lot. *grin*

I want to write fic! But I'm afraid it'll be all sappy and unworthy.
WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE. You're one of the most intelligent writers I know. And even if you DID make it sappy, it would be MORE THAN WORTHY. *hugs* WRITE FIC. If I ever wrote it, my main worry would be that I'd have no idea how to make anything happen! But I want to see your fic! *hugs you!* WRITE! I already know I'm going to love it! *grin*

Seriously - You get better and better with every new fandom you get into. I remember being blown away by the first fic you wrote for Harry/Peter and thinking, WHEN did you get so good?, and I can't wait to see what else you write!

20th-May-2005 03:22 pm (UTC)
*hugs you tightly:: I completely agree about the simple things. I love wandering around Carrefour with my Uni friends... we just walk around and laugh and clog the aisles (all 9 of us!). I love sitting around just talking and laughing and playing stupid fortune-teller games. I love squeeing over Ben and Jerry ice-cream and tucking into the ice-cream in the middle of Raffles City shopping center and pretending we are from SMU. Heh.

*adores you like whoa!*
21st-May-2005 03:30 am (UTC) - You're back! *huge grin*
*HUGS YOU SO TIGHTLY TOO!* You're back from your trip? *huge grin* *hugs you* How was it? *smiles* Good, I hope? [Warm-up for your European trip!]

I love wandering around Carrefour with my friends, too! *wild grin* My friend and I could wander around the aisles and look at the food for forever!

tucking into the ice-cream in the middle of Raffles City shopping center and pretending we are from SMU
*HUGE GRIN* XD! I loved Raffles City when I was younger! I kept making my parents take me there every Friday night! And! Ben & Jerry's ice cream! My housemates have the strawberry cheesecake and cookie variety in the fridge now! Although my favourite still is Cherry Garcia, I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownie! OH! In the UK! They have FREE Ben & Jerry's days! Where you can go to the stall and they give you ice-cream free! And you can queue as many times as you want!

*ADORES YOU BACK* *AND CLINGS* I HAVE SOMETHING TO SEND YOU! *HUGS* Thank you for your lovely parcel! (Oh, I am so late in saying thank you! *apologies!*)
26th-May-2005 03:03 pm (UTC)
Hey it's nice to hear from you ^_^
Oh congrates on finishing your exams.. *ebill they be*...
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