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Second Day at Work!

Four days from completing my last law exam, I started work in a law firm on placement. And on my second day, I'm already working overtime. A document I was reviewing that was meant to be fifteen pages turned out to be fifty pages long. Which is a good thing - I now know more than I ever thought I would on the plastic drum industry, and the legal proceedings for bankruptcy in the US, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. This is actually a good thing.

Now I'm going to go home and turn my mind off.

First Day at Work

We begin as we mean to go on.

So I should really stop running wild on LJ during my first day at work. :D

Kyou Kara Maou!'s 41st episode's subbed now. I am at work and cannot download it. *explodes*

Daddy is a henachoko. Wow, my mind is gone.

Finished law exams last Thursday! It is now the Tuesday directly after and I've begun a work placement at a law firm. First piece of work - reviewing an annual report to bond holders - turned up today. CC'd to a Gunther. :D

My Day out with Heika

Wolf wasn't in London on Sunday, so I ran off with Heika visited Nottingham with Housemate Ann. Robin Hood without his merry men! (Wrong thoughts now!) This reminds me of the time I was in Singapore and the TV listings had this delightful slasher-friendly description of Robin Hood, "Will Robin be able to save his beloved Sheriff of Nottingham?" I do believe they meant Maid Marion, but it's far more fun the way it is, don't you think?

Kingdom of Fandom

Watched Kingdom of Heaven with risax. :D Going out to watch it again tonight with TR. Call it celebrating the first day at work!

I support Baldwin/Balian. Or, the characters played by Edward Norton/Orlando Bloom, and yes, there are ways around Baldwin's condition. (king_baldwin)

risax, can your Property Mortgages question beat

Thiiiiiiis is what I did today!

The laws of each of the jurisdictions in which the Guarantors are organized limit the ability to guarantee debts of a parent company. These limitations arise under various provisions and principles of corporate law which can require sister or subsidiary guarantors to receive adequate corporate benefit from the financing, require preservation of share capital and govern thin capitalization and fraudulent transfer laws. If these limitations were not observed, the Subsidiary Guarantors' guarantees of the notes would be subject to legal challenge. The guarantees will contain language limiting the amount of debt guaranteed so that any applicable local law restrictions will not be violated. Moreover, guarantees to be provided by certain of our Subsidiary Guarantors will only be valid insofar as the obligations can be fulfilled without violating certain mandatory provisions of German law that require preservation of the share capital of German limited liability companies. Furthermore, although we believe that the guarantees of the notes of these guarantors are enforceable (subject to the aforementioned restrictions), there can be no assurance that a third party creditor would not challenge these guarantees and prevail in court.


My mind is gone, as that is what I was doing all day.

The exams let fandom begin the slow process of Taking Over Me

risax also claims I lost my mind during the exams, but she only says this because I kept obsessively making KKM icons and occasionally turning up on MSN to squeal at her in joy and argue with her as to whether her Pink Thing Yachiru-Kenpachi icon was girlier than my Wolfram in a Nightgown icon.

In my house, this is how we ask if anyone else wants to use the washroom: "DO YOU WANT TO BE FLUSHED DOWN?"

And if you don't, you answer, "NO! YOU FLUSH DOWN FIRST!"

There is Wolfram fanart in my fridge, and I wasn't responsible for it. Heika Housemate Ann was. He's decorating the strawberry cheesecake ice-cream tub.

Also, in my household, I am apparently Gunter, because, as Housemate Ann says, "He is always surrounded by gay men! You would enjoy it!" Wolf giaan concurs, so I am overthrown by a Court of Appeal majority decision.

the little things

Let me tell you about the little things.

If I like someone, I'm happy spending time wandering around a supermarket with them. I don't need to be in a club or watching a musical or travelling around the world.

If I like you enough, I'm happy sitting with you watching anime, writing you letters, walking down the road with you, or watching a movie with you. Imagining you in my mind can make me happy. Heavens, even MSN conversations with you can make me happy! I can be happy with you just sitting by your side in a bookstore, reading.

It doesn't matter to me if anyone thinks that these things are boring, or mundane. This is my life, and this is what works for me. This is my happiness, and when I find it, I don't let it slip out of my hands until the moment I decide to let go.

All I know is that I'm happy with you, and happy that you are with me. That is all I need. And all I'll ever need.

The measure of my happiness with anyone is how happy I am doing the simple things with them. And it was only after all this time that I finally know what companionable silence, and that is a great thing.

Things You Shouldn't Do At Work

I read Shinou/Murata fic, and I don't know if bankruptcy proceedings tend to make lawyers this happy.

I came home after my first day of work to see that one of the authors I like best updated her KKM fic! *is so happy*


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