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YOU are a henachoko! But it just means I love you more!

"Totally corrupted," said Wolf, reprovingly, looking at Heika and then glancing over at me. "Your fault."

"Too sensitive to this kind of thing now!" Heika yelled at me, over the dinner table. "All your fault! I blame you!"

Housemates insist that I am able to make people more slash-aware by simply living in close proximity to them. Also, living in said close proximity also subjects them to a great deal of slash.

The way this conversation happened was that we were out today, housemates and I and a friend of ours, at a Japanese restaurant for dinner, when Heika looked up at us and said, "That couple..." - and demonstrated that her real-life slash detector is working far better than mine. Merry and I agreed, and I laughingly said that I never thought she'd notice that. The exchange above ensued.

Heika and I were having a debate as to whether we should order dinner first, or whether I should be made to tell her the story for Dark Water first, and this time Wolf and I outvoted her on a Court of Appeal majority. "I'm older than you," I said, "And so is Wolf, and we know better."

giaan looked at Heika and said, "Wimp."

"What's that?" she asked.

"She called you a henachoko," I clarified.

"Oh," said Heika, finally understanding.

There may have been an under-table kick I was not privy to.


Balthasar! Olaf! Elisabeth! Constantine and Conrad!

And these are the names I run into in two days of work!

The advantages of working in a London firm is that every day you get swamped by fandom!

Half the firm is up in MILAN on training.

I have a secretary. WHY do I have a secretary? I'm just a kid! I should be the secretary!

Going through transactions with a German company. Seeing a Dr. Balthasar everywhere. So much German!

Today I looked at documents in Greek and German!

If I respond to "Wolfram", you'll know I've worked way too much.

From Nottingham, Bournemouth, and Canterbury:

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