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Internet Euphoria!

This entry is gonna be about the things that make me happy. Hysterical falling-off-chair rolling-in-the-floor laughter, the YES! ABSOLUTELY! exhilaration, the I'm-so-happy-I-Can't-Stop-Smiling variety – All online, LJ-related Happiness.

anyasy’s fics that make me want to cry with joy.
Also, Sakura Dreaming’s Sunshine.

Also, I adore the way nescienx thinks. Same for the Professor.

Especially when we end up watching Dragonheart. *smirks*

arwen_elvenfair’s PlayHobbit and PlayElf posters. I squee at the PlayHobbit articles. I squee even more at Elrond making it to the cover of PlayElf.

*has spontaneous squeezure*

She also made the set of Legolas icons that kicked me out of the Legolas closet at last. It was the last straw *weeps* And I couldn’t resist any longer. Here they are: Legolas is Malchik Gay.

somniesperus: Suffice to say that Telanu’s fics have successfully converted me to two fandoms. HP and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. To be honest, I was already in that particular fantasy fandom pairing. Her fic threw me in the Obsessive! Dungeon, and, laughing, threw away the key. Her TPM fics led me to where I am today. ; )

So for anyone who writes - Yes, you can have a tremendous impact on your readers. And you can make your readers very happy. *beams* I’ve been on the happy end for as long as I’ve read fanfiction. *smiles*

Correction: I have been on the very happy end for as long as I’ve read fanfic.

I’d say that just about anything that’s created can have a huge effect on anyone who sees it. Icons, too. *smiles at arwen_elvenfair*

And I love this comment:

Saving the World, One Cookie at a Time.

wehaveseven: Part of a HP LJ RPG. I adore Arthur’s LJ entries. I made the hideous mistake of reading one of them at work. Had a most interesting time trying to stifle laughter. It’s his fascination with the Muggle world, and how he gets it so wrong, that amuses me. He has a beautiful child-like fascination with how the possessions of non-Magic users work.

This is the SEEDY entry.

A Weasley on Coffee!

And from tpm100:

Master and Padawan build a Snow Yoda.

Wonder if am being stalker.

But laughing too hard to care.

Beg pardon of everyone who has been subjected to my sense of humor and the things that make me happy.

Naturally not all sources of happiness have been covered ^_^ But they are there!

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