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Crash Course - Kyou Kara Maou!

For homura, siew, deewhydeeax, billietallent, kali_exorin, gravi_girl123 (Welcome home! *hugs*) - Kyou Kara Maou!! I uploaded my favourite episodes

Episode 1 - Do You Remember When We Met?
Episode 2 - Slap Snap Engagement
Episode 5 - Pure Shores
Episode 6 - In the Closet
Episode 12 - Flirting with Dolphins
Episode 18 - For That Love

- as well as a whole lot else that got me into this in the first place. It's really all ranchelle's fault, because if Serry hadn't sent me that music video this wouldn't have happened. Kura, your music video breaks my heart like whoa. I will write you fics of intolerable fluff for what you have done to my OTP. Still, you got me into this, and it is way fun. Especially since I've corrupted influenced my housemates, too.

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What's It All About?

By way of skaravelle, I found this review of Kyou Kara Maou!, which summarises what the series is about:

"What do you have to do to be magically transported to a new world, become the leader of an entire race, and have everyone with functioning hormones after you? You have to get flushed down a toilet of course.

At least, that's how it works for Yuuri, a not so smart, not so amazing Japanese boy who finds himself flushed into another dimension and told that his soul is the reincarnation of the first demon king, or Maou, Shinou. At first, Yuuri thinks he has ended up in a theme park, or perhaps he's just dreaming, but soon he realizes that this world is very real, and as Maou of the country Shinma, he is responsible for an entire nation.

Actually, things aren't as serious as they may seem. Yuuri is a self-depreciating, loudmouthed boy with a moral code that lands him in trouble over and over again. And his court is composed of a lighthearted selection of rather personable bishounen.

Bishounen are what Kyou Kara Maou is all about in the end. There is the strong silent type, the doting assistant with long purple hair, the brooding seme, and the cute (yet rather violent) uke. Adding to that is the fact that no one is ugly in this anime. Except for the pirates, who are walking fashion disasters. Every character is eye candy in his or her own special way, and they're all rather open in their sexuality as well.

Then there is Yuuri himself, whose aforementioned forwardness is what got him flushed to begin with, and he accidentally proposes to a boy by the second episode. For Yuuri, this is a little disturbing, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone else in the least.

If you haven't realized already, Kyou Kara Maou is an anime with a rather direct premise. Get a bunch of beautiful guys together, put them in compromising situations, and let the sparks fly. That's not saying that there isn't a plot. On the contrary, Kyou Kara Maou is one of the first shounen-ai (boy's love) titles I've seen that has a purpose other than to get a bunch of guys cozy with each other."


Episode 1 - Do You Remember When We Met?
Episode 2 - Slap Snap Engagement
Episode 5 - Pure Shores
Episode 6 - In the Closet
Episode 12 - Flirting with Dolphins
Episode 18 - For That Love

A summary/list of my favourite episodes and scenes. It's unfortunately clear that my favourites represent a painfully obvious trend.

Episode 1
Do You Remember When We Met?
Download Episode 1 here

When Yuuri first sees Wolfram, the first thing he says, awestruck, is, "Bishonen!"

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Episode 2
Slap Snap Engagement

Download Episode 2 here

This is where Yuuri discovers the ancient Mazoku tradition of bitchslap = engagement.

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Episode 5
Download Episode 5 here
The first time you see Possessive! Wolfram. He steals onto a ship where Yuuri is taking off with Conrad, despite the fact that he gets violently seasick. He overhears this conversation between Conrad and Yuuri:

Conrad: "Okay, I'm going to do it."
Yuuri: "Conrad, don't make it too painful for me."
Conrad: "Please trust me. It's going to be alright."
Wolfram wakes up, instantly, and demands, "What are you two doing!?"

Putting in Yuuri's contact lenses, of course. Silly Wolf. What did you think they were doing?

When pirates attack the ship, this exchange follows:

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When Yuuri dances with a girl at the ball, Wolfram gets violently jealous, yelling, "Of all people, you dance with a woman!"

And this exchange ensues after they escape the ship:

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Episode 6
Download Episode 6 here

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Episode 7

Yuri and Conrad are on the beach, talking. Wolfram, as usual, pops up, and demands, “What are the two of you doing there?” He looks at Yuri and says, “I was wondering why you wouldn’t come back. Now I see the two of you being intimate on the beach. What are the two of you doing?”

Doesn’t help that Yuri replies, “Callisthenics.”

Episode 10

Before Yuuri gets kidnapped (Mao-napped?) by Stoeffel’s goons, he and Wolfram are in a tavern. Conrad’s expressly told them not to leave. Wolf is contentedly drinking tea at the table, while Yuuri paces agitatedly. “Just relax,” Wolf tells him. “Weller told you not to go outside. “That’s true,” Yuuri replies, “But the suspicious people may not be around anymore. Besides, you’re here.” Wolfram makes this lovely uncertain sound somewhere between shock and confusion. “If you’re with me, we’ll be fine, even if suspicious people attack us.” “Well, that’s true,” Wolf concedes. “Then come on!” Yuuri says. “I want to be useful.” “I won’t leave your side,” he promises. “Okay?” How could Wolfram resist. So he doesn’t. His eyes get appealingly wide, and he has this beautifully lost “Feels just like I’m falling for the first time” look on his face. And then he gives in with a sigh. Naturally, part of me sees that as You’re only nice to me when you want something from me!

Yuuri breaks away to ask a question of a passer-by, and Wolf races up to him, demanding, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t leave my side?” “I know,” Yuuri says. Then he runs off to ask a lady a question, and Wolfram yells, “I told you, no young ladies and pretty-faced men!”

(Wolf tells Yuuri about Conrad and his discovering Conrad was human)

Episode 11

Towards the end, Wolf gets incredibly jealous that Ulrike’s holding Yuuri’s hand, and kicks him into a fountain, whereupon he is swallowed back up into the real world.

Episode 12

Download Episode 12 here

“I was just shaking hands with Bandou-kun when I got sucked down here,” Yuuri begins, but Wolfram cuts him off with a swift headlock. “Who the hell is this Bandou-kun person?” Wolfram demands. “Were you flirting with other guys again?”

“What do you mean, again?” wails Yuuri. “Bandou-kun is a dolphin! A dolphin!”

Aw, Wolfram. “If Yuuri’s going, I’m going too!”

This is where the Sand Panda trap gets Wolfram, and Yuuri sends Conrad in to save him.

Episode 13

Deep in the sands, Wolfram’s been rescued from the Panda Trap. Dusted all over with sand, he still looks appealing. “You don’t have to be so down,” Conrad tells Wolfram. “Why can’t I be down?” Wolf demands. “Right now, Yuuri is with my brother! My brother! You wouldn’t understand what I’m saying!”

“Wolfram,” Conrad says, soothingly, “You’re getting upset since you’re his fiancé. Can’t you trust his Majesty a bit more?”

“Brother loves cute things and Yuuri is a cheater with no morals!” snaps Wolf.

Episode 15

Yuuri wakes up in Wolf’s lap, and when he discovers where he is, responds by putting as much distance between him and his fiancé as possible. “Do you know how worried I was, Yuuri?” demands Wolf.

“Why aren’t you riding with me?” demands Wolf, when he pulls up next to Yuuri, who is riding with Conrad. “The slander of a boy’s lover stolen by his older brother hurts your fiance’s pride!”

This one has devastatingly pretty! Gwendel when he turns around and his hair does that amazing flip-movement trick. And Yuuri when he says that the three brothers having smiling faces that are the same.

“It won’t always work out the way you want it to!” snaps Wolf, on Yuuri’s decision-making skills. Makes me think that if Yuuri thinks everything works out for the best, then the slap did, too? Heh.

Once everyone’s safe, Yuuri throws himself on a canopied bed. Who should turn up soon enough but Wolfram, with a rather evil smirk on that pretty face. “Why don’t you go take a bath?” he asks. Yuuri runs for it with glee, but his suspicions are raised when Wolf starts following him. “Why are you following me?” he asks. “I thought I would scrub your back,” Wolf says. “Aren’t you glad?” Yuuri, naturally, is less than visibly pleased.

He attempts to hurl himself into the water to get back to the real world, but this doesn’t work out.

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“You can’t escape the place you belong to!” Wolfram yells. I think he means, You can’t escape the one you belong to, Yuuri! And I’ll never let you forget that!

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OHHHHHHHH, this is the one with the “Hey, little boy – want some kitty?” scene! I love the bit where Gwendel never seems to make anything look the way he wants it to. Yuuri cuddles the kitty and says, “It’s such a cute racoon!” Gwendel says, “It’s a kitty.” In an utterly serious voice.

“Alright, kitty,” says Yuuri.

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Episode 18
[Is titled “For That Love”.]
Download Episode 18 here

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Begins with Wolf painting Yuuri. Yuuri is utterly horrified by the result, which Wolfram serenely proclaims, “This is your reward for being engaged to me.” (With rewards like these, who needs penalties?) Yuuri is aghast, and says, “Why are you living with me? It’s because of you I can’t sleep peacefully at night! There are so many rooms in the castle, why can’t you sleep somewhere else?” So Yuuri plots to drive a purported monster out from the reception building so as to get rid of Wolf.

*screams with laughter* Gunter makes me laugh so hard. He goes looking for Yuuri, and begins to angst when he can’t find him. “Heika. . . Are you hiding from me? Do you hate me? Or are you toying with my feelings?” And then he picks up a flower and goes, “Heika, you are like a single blossom growing in my heart. It stirs up wild feelings in me…” *howls with laughter* Then he starts worrying that Wolfram and Yuuri have eloped. Then he starts playing, “He’ll come back, he won’t come back,” with a flower.

“Love cannot be hidden. If Wolfram eloped with his Majesty, there is no way that such a strong love cannot be found.”

Wolfram, “Do you think I’m only concerned with my own survival? As a soldier, my duty is to protect you.” He disarms Yuuri when Yuuri moves to protect the cocoons, and as he holds the sword towards Yuuri he says, “Can’t you understand my love?”

Yuuri says, “Hey, Wolfram… Can I ask you… If you speak of love, why must you kill for that love? Love is where you’re supposed to take care of them, be kind to them, let them live.”

Wolfram says, “That’s why I must let you live.”

Yuuri says, “Love isn’t something for one person only! Love is something you’re supposed to give equally to everyone!”

“You are a cheater deep down inside!” Wolfram accuses. “Love is something you’re supposed to give to the one person you’re devoted to. It’s impossible to love everyone!”

“The love you give will come back to you!” Yuuri says.

“But this crazy love of mine for his Majesty cannot be stopped!” Gunter says.

“Don’t hold back any of your love!” Anissina says.

“My love is forever yours!” Gunter says.

The place starts falling apart, and Yuuri holds on to the cocoon. The ceiling falls in, and he closes his eyes. When he opens them, Wolfram’s shielding him from the falling debris. “I told you, I must protect you,” he says.

The cocoon hatches, and the both of them run into each others’ arms, saying, “Well done!” And then they wonder how they got there.

“Yuuri, they’re our children!” Wolfram says.

“Gunter, I can’t breathe!” Yuuri protests, as Gunter glomps the life out of him. “I will never let go of you!” Gunter proclaims. “Love will always find a way!”

“If it’s you and Wolfram,” Conrad says, smilingly, “I can always guess what you’re up to. Since I’m always by your side.”

“You need to deepen the bond for when they come back,” Wolfram says, to Yuuri, as the bear bees have adopted the both of them as their parents. (God, Wolfram and Yuuri have so many children together.)

Music Videos

All these music videos may be downloaded from AnimeMusicVideos.Org. You'll need to be a member for this, though (although becoming one is easy - all you have to do is register) - But for those who aren't, I've uploaded some of my favourite music videos for Kyou Kara Maou!

1. Falling for the First Time, by Sasuke-Neko. Also known as the video which sent me straight off into the fandom, thanks to ranchelle. "Falling for the First Time" is an amazing song.

Anyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its cost
Anyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lost
What if I lost my direction? What if I lost sense of time?
What if I nursed this infection? Maybe the worst is behind
It feels just like I'm falling for the first time

2. I Think I Love You, by annako.

This song makes me go all giddily happy.

Before I go insane
I hold my pillow to my head
And spring up in my bed
Screaming out the words I dread ....
"I think I love you!"

This morning, I woke up with this feeling
I didn't know how to deal with
And so I just decided to myself
I'd hide it to myself
And never talk about it
And did not go and shout it
When you walked into the room
"I think I love you!"

3. Holding out for a Hero, by mai valentine. Did you know this video's made with Frou Frou's cover of the song? This lovely icon by spectrum says it best.

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and turn and dream
of what I need

4. Danger Zone, by Kytch. I love this video for the montage it has to the lyrics:

Now we share the closet, now you've let me come inside
And now you're finally undressing, and I feel like I might die
The damage is infectious, the confession is too late
And how can I accept this
How is this happening to me

5. So Far Away, by Kikumaru Sempai.

6. Heart and Shoulder, by ranchelle. Don't be fooled by what sounds like a fluffy title, this video breaks my heart. There were scenes that made my heart catch with joy and with sorrow - As I said when I watched this the first time, I never thought I could feel so much emotion for a song set to Gwendel presenting Neko-Chan to Yuuri, but I did. I never thought I could feel so much sustained pain for Wolfram, but I did. Excellent for all the all you Conrad/Yuuri supporters - earenwe, abraxan and everyone else. :D

(earenwe, I JUST KNEW you were going to be into Conrad/Yuuri? Last night I was thinking about it and I AM RIGHT. :D




vain_chan's Where I Belong


bibbity's KKM darkfic. It puts me in mind of what I ordinarily read 'round about the Death Eater situations 'round about the time of the War. And it has Mazokucest. I walked around with one of its lines in my head for hours.


OTO - One True Orgy. Yuuri/Wolfram/Gwendal/Gunter/Conrad/Muraken. And Stoffel. And kitty. And cigarette-smoking Gwendal.

KKM 20 themes.

20 themes, by mousapelli.

So I can get down to business XD:


+ Like A Hot Coal

Wolfram's point of view, on Yuuri:
Were you protecting him? an insidious little voice in his mind whispered. Or yourself?

+ valiant hearts
(And the site this fic is from)
Mao! Yuuri/Conrad, Yuuri/Wolfram
I just really liked this:
But still…how could Yuuri have such a kind look in his eyes for Conrad and none for him? All he could see in the boy’s eyes was fear or worry. Much to his dismay, Wolfram realized that it… hurt…very much. He wanted more than anything for Yuuri to give him such a look even if it was for one time but…but…he just didn’t know how to act nice towards anyone let alone to his own fiancé.

+ Slow and Steady
I like this because it has Wolfram suspicious over Muraken.

"So then why don't you spend more time with me?" Wolfram demanded. "You can spend hours on end with your Murata or Weller, so why not me?" Yuuri waited and sure enough Wolfram added, "I'm your fiancé, remember?"

"I do spend time with you!" Yuuri defended himself. "All the time!"

"Only when I -- I *make* it happen!" Wolfram retorted, planting himself in front of Yuuri. "Or when you have to go somewhere, and I make it a point to come with you!"

+ ranchelle's fic

+ moonravencroft's 4]

+ L.A.K. - for this:
"“If I’m your fiancé, why don’t you treat me like one? That’s why I get jealous. You make me feel like I’m just another person in your life; like I’m not even special to you."

+ Love Was Never An Accident
"The engagement may be an accident, but love was never an accident!"

+ arana_suteshi's Weak

"Do you really want to do this?" he asked.

"Are you stupid?" Wolfram replied.

+ My Lonesome

+ Now or Never
“So you knew,” Wolfram stated with heavy sarcasm before hissing dangerously, “Aniue”

“If he wanted to, he would have broken the engagement,” Gwendal began, “and enga—“

“BUT HE HASN’T.” Wolfram all but yelled, effectively stopping Gwendal from continuing his sentence. He walked up to his older brother then and grabbed a fistful of the raven-haired man’s uniform. “But he hasn’t.” He hissed, breath mingling with his brother’s.

Jealousy - Wolfram in a cheongsam


If you go nowhere else, go here: kyou_kara_maou. I love this Community so much. It is one of the most welcoming and giving fandoms I've ever spent a great deal of my time at, besides the Star Wars fandom.




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Others' Icons

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Where are their clothes?

So sweet...

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Episodes 1 - 19
Episodes 20 onwards

Episode Summaries

thisissong's Episode Summaries


Many thanks to risax for pointing me here! (Although I bet you now regret it... :D *hugs*)
You'd need Bittorrent for this, though.

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