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trust me

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breaking all your laws, one at a time.
7 December
managing logins.

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Why hello! This journal is mostly fandom-based, with the occasional entry about real life when it becomes too amusing to ignore. I'm looking forward to meeting you, if we haven't yet met! It doesn't matter if we don't have many or any common interests. *grin* There's always lots to talk about!

My real Tales of the Abyss interests:

anise ♥, asch, being afraid of women, being left-handed, being super ultra gorgeous, being with myself, buusagi, cheegles, cute things, desu no, desu no!, dist, diy haircuts, dude where's my abyss, emoretta, haircuts, ion, jade, largo, luke, master desu no!, mieu-sama, natalia, peony, playing with dolls, really big posters, ruling markt, ruling my megane harem, sensei is ♥, sink, take a luke around, tales of the abyss, talking to myself, tear, that's totally aschtastic, that clueless redhead, that irritating cheegle, van grants


My Tales of the Abyss manga posts are always open to the public.
THIS is one of the main posts that links my other Abyss manga posts.
You can follow my manga posts via my manga scans tag.
I list other Abyss manga posts in my Abyss memories here.
Certain posts may be community-locked, so I'd advise you to join talesoftheabyss to view them.

ORIGINAL Tales of the Abyss Blog Crew
[] Luke fon Fabre
[] Tear Grants
[] Jade Curtiss
[] Anise Tatlin
[] Guy Cecil
[] Natalia L. K. Lanvaldear
[] Mieu
[] Van Grants
[] Ion
[] Asch
[] Legretta
[] Arietta
[] Dist
[] Sync
[] Largo
[] Peony IX
[] Nephry
[] Nebilim
[] Florian
[] Yulia
Join the crew?

Yugioh is 'Aw hell, my shit is broken' Love

Bakura is peaceful hikari love

{ A T E M }
. a t .

advanced procrastination, agent smith, alan rickman, aleksander/seyonne, all trust is foolish, anime, anne rice, asch/luke, asking really stupid questions, asking stupid questions, being more seme, blades of glory, books, bookstores, captain jack sparrow, carol berg, clear writing, commenting, creative writing, d.gray-man, dark elves, darren shan, david gemmell, denial, elrond, enemyslash, evanescence, evil comments, ewan mcgregor, excessive emoticon use, excessive puncutation use, faith of the fallen, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, fiction, fiddler's green, firestarters, fluff, glomping other people, harry potter, harry/peter, having terrible ideas, hello my freaky darlings, high fantasy, history, hugo weaving, imagination, jason isaacs, jedi, jimmy macelroy, john/chas, johnny depp, jon heder, jounouchi/yuugi, jude watson, jurisprudence, kalutika/deshwitat, kamina/simon, koutetsu sangokushi, kurda smahlt, kurda/darren, kyou kara mao!, lance henriksen, laughing, laws lj, legends, levizt/serry, literature, lord of the rings, lotr, love actually, lxg, making icons, making questionable icons, michael turner, michelle west, monty python, more seme than you, moulin rouge, movies, my little chef, my padawan, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, never going to bed, nighteyes, nightrunner, nightworld, obi-wan kenobi, obsessions, original fiction, orlando bloom, paris skyle, patricia mckillip, plot bunnies, procrastination, reading, reading fanfiction, robbie williams, robin hobb, samurai jack, saucecake on a pike, saving plot bunnies, seeing the slash, serial commenting, severus snape, seyonne and aleksander, shakespeare, slash, smirking, snape, soul of the fire, speculative slash, star wars, steve leonard, steve/darren, sting, subtly slashy posts, suzuki chihiro, sword of truth, sword&sorcery, tales of the abyss, temple of the winds, terry goodkind, the phantom menace, the sith academy, the sword of truth, the vampire chronicles, tpm, troy, wizards first rule, wolfram-sama, wolfram-sama's ass, writing, writing absolute nonsense, writing bad fanfic, xd, yu-gi-oh, yuuri/wolfram,

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